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Pictures of Venice, Veneto and Italy

The thing that struck me when I first visited Venice so many years ago as a young girl was just how vibrant everything was.

Piazza San Marco, Venice

I walked out of the station and laid eyes on the Grand Canal. The sparkling light, bright colors of the boats, and translucent blue of the water were something I never expected.

In most photos, Venice looked grey and dull—in winter, it can be—but on a bright summer day, it most certainly isn't, and I was determined to find photos that captured that.

Only a few of my photos were good enough. I have to boast a little here and say that I am getting much better than I was in the beginning. My husband, though, disagrees and reckons it is just the camera that is better. Hmmm!

Veneto is not only Venice, though. The photos of Verona, and those of the other areas of the Veneto, clearly show just how enchanting this magical region is.

In fact, we have photos from all over Italy, and every tiny corner has something of exceptional beauty to offer. If you aren't in Italy right now, I promise these photos will start you dreaming Italian dreams.

The Pictures of Venice, Italy and the Veneto


Gondola in Venice

Lake Garda

Towns of the Veneto


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Elsewhere in the Veneto and Italy

Photos & Stories Shared with us on our Facebook Page

Our fans on Facebook send us many lovely photos and share their stories of visiting Italy and, in some cases, moving to Italy. I hope you enjoy reading their stories and browsing the photos as much as I always do.

Venice & Veneto

Our Tip: Go beyond Venice - rent yourself a car and check out some of these nearby destinations.

Elsewhere in Italy

A restaurant in Tropea

Modesta Tonan's Stories from Italy 

Oktay's Italy

Bridges on the Islands of Venice

Alexander Strahilov's Italy

Gondola on the Grand Canal

Susan  Papazian's Galleries

Cheese Market in Orvieto

Susan Papazian is a lifestyle and portrait photographer living in Sydney, Australia, and has shared many of her photos with us.

From an early age, she knew photography would be her creative expression, and she loves to capture the essence and beauty of the world. She hopes to make pictures that tell a story.

Susan has studied at the Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney and has been mentored by David Alan Harvey (a Magnum photographer) and Stephen Dupont (Australia’s foremost photojournalist).

We are delighted to be able to share some of Susan's Italian photos with you. To learn more about Susan, visit:

Share your Italian Moments & Photos

I include a lot of my photos, taken around Italy, on the site. I'm not a great photographer but sometimes pictures of people and places you love don't need to be "professional" to convey a whole lot of magic. If you too have some special Italian photos & moments please share them!

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