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Flying to Venice or the Veneto & Getting into Venice

The Veneto region is very easy to get to from anywhere in Europe and from the rest of the world. With an excellent airport, rail, and road network, getting here could not be easier.

Flights to Venice and Verona

There are a number of low cost airlines with flights to Venice and Verona.

In general most of the low cost airlines fly into Verona Airport, Treviso (which Ryanair calls Venice Treviso airport) or Venice Marco Polo (which is the real Venice airport). My advice is to have a look at Kayak, they've all the best flight deals for you.

For our country focused guides on how to get to Venice Italy and the Veneto click the links below:

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Flights from the USA & Australia to Venice Italy

Spello Street Filled with Flowers

Getting from the Airport to Venice

Water Bus

A fantastic way to experience the beauty of Venice, and the best way to arrive in the city, is by taking a vaporetto, which is like a water bus. These vaporettos leave from the airport, and you can buy tickets at the airport or on the bus itself. Look for signs that say "Water Bus" as you leave the airport, and it's only a short ten-minute walk to the dock, even with your luggage. Just make sure you get on one of the big yellow and white boats because the small wooden ones are taxis. Enjoy the journey, and get ready to explore Venice in a unique and exciting way!

The vaporetto ride not only offers a convenient way to reach your destination but also allows you to witness the vibrant and bustling life of Venice from a unique perspective. It's a chance to see the city come alive with locals and tourists alike, going about their day amidst the backdrop of this remarkable floating city.

Pros: Affordable and you'll get some stunning photo opportunities on the way into Venice.

Cons: Takes an hour and you may have a bit of a walk to your hotel from the nearest bus stop .

Normal Bus

When you arrive at the airport in Venice, there are buses waiting just outside that can take you to the city. You can easily purchase your tickets inside the arrival hall; you can't miss the big office with signs saying bus tickets to the left as you exit baggage collection. Two bus options are available: the #5 bus operated by ACTV or the #35 bus operated by ATVO. These buses will take you to Piazzale Roma, which is a convenient location near the Venice train station.

To catch the bus, simply look for the bus stop right in front of the airport. If you aren't sure the ticket office can explain where to go. The buses usually run on a regular schedule, so you won't have to wait too long.

Pros: The quickest and fastest way to get to Venice

Cons: Unless you're staying near Piazzale Roma you are in for a long walk or you'll need to take a water bus or taxi for the last leg to your hotel.


You get the taxis from the same place as the water bus. Venice taxis can be a great option if you have heavy luggage or if you prefer a more private and direct means of transportation. They can take you directly to your desired destination, whether it's a hotel, a specific neighborhood, or a popular attraction. It's worth noting that water taxis can accommodate a limited number of passengers, typically up to 10 people, so it's a good idea to check the capacity when booking.

They don't have meters so they'll quote you a price. Best is to book online before you arrive so you don't get any nasty surprises.

Pros: They take you right to your hotel and the trip is a beautiful experience.

Cons: Expensive.

Driving & Car Hire in Verona and Venice Italy


Driving down to the Veneto (here's our regional guide) is a very good option, if you live in Europe, of course; it gives you the freedom to explore the small towns of the interior, places like Asolo shown in the photo, and to discover the beautiful countryside.

However, if you are only visiting Venice and maybe the other main Veneto towns like Verona and Padova, don't bother - you can get between cities by train easily enough, and in the cities you don't need a car.  You can't drive in Venice anyway :-)

If you would like to hire a car, read our Verona & Venice car rental guide.

Car Rentals

Trains to Venice

With flying being so cheap and convenient, rail is not something I'd recommend for those arriving internationally, unless you are on a Eurail pass or from a nearby country like Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

Train travel in Italy is amazing, though, and if you are traveling by train, there are a number of other exceptional railway journeys in Italy that you really must do. Here is the list of the most beautiful train journeys in Italy and some good advice on tickets too.

For everything that has anything to do with flights to Italy or anything else Italy related use our search engine below:

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