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Photos of Borghetto sul Mincio

If ever there was a village that can cause you to feel love at first sight it is Borghetto sul Mincio (click to view guide).

What it is, I've never been able to tell, but a feeling of joy and happiness washes over me every time I visit, and whenever I leave, I feel an aching longing to return; for days afterwards, I am miserable. It isn't only me, though; everyone else I've ever known who has visited has felt exactly the same.

Worse, no words can describe this village, and none of my photos can ever do it justice. There is something about the soft and gentle light of the place that makes it impossible for any photographer I know to capture it—until now!

These photos were taken by a talented Dutch lady by the name of Anja, and they show Borghetto sul Mincio EXACTLY as it is. So much so that I can feel the tears welling up and that aching longing to return starting all over again.


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P.P.S. For your upcoming visit to Borghetto, I recommend you stay at Borghetto Vacanza nei Mulini.

Nightfall Borghetto
Evening in Borghetto

As dusk settles upon Borghetto sul Mincio, the village takes on a romantic allure. The warm light dances off the historic facades, casting long shadows that create an aura of mystery and intrigue. The sound of the river gently flowing nearby creates a soothing backdrop, adding to the tranquility of the atmosphere, and the riverbanks come alive in the late summer evenings, drawing locals and visitors alike to its serene embrace.

Find a spot along the water's edge and watch the colors of the sky transform from vivid blues to soft pastels. The reflections of the surrounding buildings shimmer on the calm waters, creating a captivating mirror-like effect that amplifies the beauty of the scene.. This is the time of day when Borghetto is at its most beautiful, the light is incredible and Anja has captured it perfectly.

The little road that leads to THE place to stay in Borghetto, a place called Vacanze nei Mulini. Mulini mens mills in English and Borghetto is famous for its old mills.

As evening falls, local trattorias and restaurants come alive, their outdoor seating areas often adorned with flickering candles. Savor the flavors of traditional dishes, such as the renowned Tortellini di Valeggio or the delicate Risotto alla Pilota, accompanied by a glass of regional wine. The intimate setting and the warm hospitality of the locals make every bite a moment to savor.

Old Mill in Borghetto
River Mincio
Restaurant Borghetto
Borghetto Bridge

Isn't this lovely? Just as lovely are the ice-creams sold in the Gelataria behind the tree.

Scaliger Castle near Borghetto

The 16th century Scaliger Castle. The summer concert held here are magical.

Statue Veneto
Sunset in Borghetto

Borghetto is but a tiny part of the wonderful Veneto region. Explore what else it can offer here.

For more pictures of Borghetto click here.

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