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Italian Photographs

I am feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. Our Facebook fans are sending me so many lovely photos and they tend to disappear down the timeline of our Facebook page as fast as they arrive.

This is such a shame as so many of the photos deserve to be shared more widely.

That is why I have started gallery pages packed full of these photos. The main Gallery index page can be viewed here and if you scroll down a little you'll discover the photos of Simay, Hans Vingerhoed, the Korkomaz family and Eyad.

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Han Vingerhoed's Tuscan Photos

Tuscan Vineyards
A Tuscan Landscape
Vineyards and Cypress trees in Tuscany

 Korkomaz & J Reyes: Photos of Rome


The Trevi Fountain in Rome has to be one of the loveliest of all Italian fountains. It'll also guarantee you a return ticket back to Rome; simply throw in a few coins. Plus, if you get here early, when few tourists are around, it has to be one of the most romantic spots in Rome. By the way, if romance is your aim, you need to check out the Suite Sistina too.

Rome and the VaticanRome and the Vatican

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Rome has a lot to offer: visit the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps and more on a walking tour with a break for gelato or coffee

Korkomaz's Best Photos of Venice, Italy

Summer, Grand Canal, Venice
Gondola in black and white
Grand Canal in Venice Italy
Sunset over Venice
Streets of Venice


🚩 Stroll across the Rialto Bridge, take a ride on a traditional gondola along the Grand Canal, see St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace and other magnificent places in just a day!

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Korkomaz's Pisa and Tuscany Photos

Leaning Tower of PisaLeaning Tower of Pisa

Welcome to the extraordinary world of the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

It is Pisa's main attraction, and though this tower defies the laws of gravity, tilting with a rebellious spirit that sets it apart from its straight-standing peers, the Leaning Tower has managed to capture the hearts and minds of travelers from around the globe, drawing them to its unique charm.

The tower's story begins in the 12th century, when it was designed to stand tall and proud. But as the construction progressed, the soft soil beneath had other ideas. Slowly but surely, the tower started to lean, like a whimsical dancer caught in a perpetual sway. Today, its lean measures at an angle of approximately 4 degrees, creating an irresistible allure that lures visitors far and wide.

Climbing the tower is an adventure like no other. As you ascend the spiraling stairs, you can't help but marvel at the audacity of human engineering. Each step brings you closer to the top, where a breathtaking panorama of Pisa awaits. Take a moment to absorb the beauty of the surrounding cityscape, knowing that you stand atop a testament to human resilience and ingenuity.

It's worth noting that the Leaning Tower of Pisa had its fair share of drama. In the past, concerns about its stability led to a closure that lasted over a decade. Experts worked tirelessly to stabilize the tower and ensure its safety.

For all the great Instagrammable shots you might get here, I still wouldn't put Pisa on my list of must-see smaller Tuscan cities. Top of that list is the incredible city of Siena.


Photos of Florence

By Simay, Korkomaz, Heidi Kaden & Various Other Photographers

Painting Florence
Inside Italy
Ponte Vecchio FlorencePonte Vecchio

Always a sight that leaves me awed. This is the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. If you are planning to visit Florence, then I'd suggest taking a look at the handful of hotels we have selected for you. Click here to see the list.


Who cares if it's snowing, Florence is always lovely! Is Florence the loveliest city in Italy? Visit our list of the five best cities in Italy to discover the answer.

Florence CathedralFlorence Cathedral by Heidi Kaden

The famous Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral in Florence, or, as the locals lovingly call it, the "Duomo," showcases the city's artistic and architectural prowess. Its striking red dome commands the skyline, drawing in visitors from all corners of the world.

Step inside this magnificent cathedral and prepare to be swept away by a world of beauty. The interior is adorned with awe-inspiring frescoes, dazzling stained glass windows, and intricate marble work. The sheer grandeur of the space will transport you to a realm of divine artistry.

Now, brace yourself for a challenge, because if you're up for it, you can climb the 463 steps to the top of the Duomo's dome. Trust me, the effort is absolutely worth it! Once you reach the summit, you'll be treated to breathtaking panoramic views of Florence that will leave you breathless. The city's rooftops, rolling hills, and the majestic Arno River will unfold before your eyes in a mesmerizing tapestry.

While exploring the Duomo complex, make sure to pay a visit to the nearby Baptistery of San Giovanni. This architectural marvel showcases magnificent bronze doors and captivating mosaics. And don't miss the golden Gates of Paradise, depicting scenes from the Old Testament with incredible artistry that will leave you in awe.

As you stroll through the square surrounding the Duomo, take a moment to appreciate Giotto's Campanile, an impressive bell tower that stands tall as its own work of art. The vibrant marble façade and delicate sculptures will capture your imagination, revealing the immense talent of the Renaissance era.

The hand of David by MichelangeloThe hand of David by Michelangelo

The statue of David by Michelangelo is an extraordinary masterpiece that captivates viewers with its impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every aspect of the sculpture showcases Michelangelo's exceptional skill and ability to breathe life into stone.

His hands always amaze me the most.

It is incredible how Michelangelo managed to create every vein, muscle, and sinew, creating hands that exude a sense of strength, grace, and purpose. The delicate positioning of David's fingers, the carefully defined knuckles, and the subtle tension in his hand muscles demonstrate Michelangelo's remarkable ability to capture the essence of human anatomy.

Some say Michelangelo's hand was guided by God's own hand when he created David.

The hands of David not only contribute to the overall aesthetic beauty of the sculpture but also convey a powerful narrative. With his right hand holding the sling, poised to strike the fatal blow to Goliath, and his left hand confidently resting by his side, David embodies courage, determination, and the triumph of the human spirit.

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⏳ Save your time with a superb skip-the-line tour that includes the Accademia Gallery and the Florence Cathedral.

Florence in the rain


Welcome to the enchanting city of Siena, where history comes alive and beauty knows no bounds. Nestled in the heart of Tuscany, this city will leave you spellbound.

One of the highlights of Siena is undoubtedly the famous Piazza del Campo, a grand square that serves as the beating heart of the city. With its unique shell-shaped design, this iconic gathering place hosts the renowned Palio di Siena, a thrilling horse race that ignites the passions of locals and visitors alike.

After Florence, Siena is the city in Tuscany you really must visit.

Piazza, Siena, Italy

Eyad's Italy



Pavia is a town with a lot of history and is situated to the south of Milan. Despite being near to Milan (a city I loathe) Pavia has managed to mantain a quiet charm.

Ticino River

The Ticino river flowing through Pavia. It is just after Pavia that the river joins the might Po.

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