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The ItalyMammaMia Blog shares with you all that I love about Italy: news (with lots of good news stories too), our latest articles (featuring beautiful Italian places, recipes and travel advice). Then we've also things like Italian songs, great videos and essential information for planning your next trip to Italy.

Join me, Maria, and my family in discovering Italy together...

Venice Italy - The 6 Things you HAVE to See

There's so much to see in Venice Italy that you can become overwhelmed. Before you despair, here is the list of the 6 sights you absolutely must see...

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Got a Job? Then you WILL have to be vaccinated!

23 million Italians who work, either for private companies or for the government, have been told that they have just four weeks to get fully vaccinated.

Once you have had both of the approved vaccines (or a single Johnson & Johnson one) you are issued with something called a Green Pass and it is this Green Pass you need to present at work. It is also needed for many other things too: indoor dining, to visit museums, bars, gyms and much much more.

Without it you can't work, can't travel on much of the public transport network, can't enjoy Italy's wonderful museums and can't dine indoors at your lovely local trattoria. Without it the dolce vita that Italy has to offer is not possible.

Rome's Cat Shelter - A Home in the Ruins

Near the Colosseum of Rome, between the ruins of ancient temples, is an unlikely sort of place, a shelter for cats. Here, Rome's homeless cats are...

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One of the Most Beautiful Italian Words. Can YOU pronounce it?

Now try these...

Change in the Entry Rule For US, Israeli, Canada and Japanese Tourists to Italy:

Changes for tourists from the USA, Canada, Japan and Israel. Basically, the main change boils down to needing to be vaccinated AND doing a test before departure. If you don't do the test they will still let you in but you will need to quarantine for 5 days after arrival and do a test at the end of the five days. Here is the official statement from the Ministry of Health:

For all those who have stayed or passed through in the fourteen days prior to entering Italy in Canada, Japan, the United States and Israel, the legislation provides that upon returning to Italy it is mandatory topresent, in paper or digital form and issued by the competent health authority of the country of origin avaccination certificate confirming the fact that you have completed the prescribed anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination course for at least 14 days, or the certificate of cure, which is valid for 180 days from the date of the first positive swab.

In addition, it is also necessary to present the negative result of a molecular or antigenic swab carried out in the 72 hours before entering Italy. Children under the age of 6 are exempted from taking the pre-departure swab.

Fill in the Passenger Locator Form - Digital localization form - before entering Italy.The form replaces the self-declaration made to the carrier.

The certification relating to the completion of the vaccination cycle must refer to one of the four vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA):




Jansen (Johnson & Johnson)

Story Update: Unvaccinated Travelers
it is mandatory to undergo isolation for five days at the address indicated in the Passenger Locator Form and a molecular or antigen test,carried out by means of a swab, at the end of said period.

Please check with your airline before flying.

Addio Alitalia

Authentic and Italian - Our Tiramisu Recipe

Need a tiramisu recipe? You won't find any better than this one - it is 100% authentic Italian.

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!0 Euros to Enter Venice?

That is one of the ideas Venice is proposing for the summer of 2022. The idea is to prevent the city ever again being overwhelmed with tourists.

Now that cruise passengers will be severely curtailed, thanks to the latest restrictions on large vessels, the authorities are turning their attention to day trippers, many of whom visit but spend little and cause severe congestion during the peak summer months.

The fee, estimates have ranged from 3 to 10 Euros, is but one idea being considered. Others include limiting daily visitors to those who've booked online.

The final version could include both booking online and a fee or only one of the two. It will likely apply only to cruise passengers and to day trippers. Those staying in Venice are likely to be exempt.

I can understand the motivation and my video below explains why Venice has to change; however, is this the right solution? I don't know.

This SHOCKS You When in Venice

Welcome to Italy

Videos of Venice - That First Moment You Meet Venice

It's a dull old day in a station and then at 1 minute 30 seconds it all changes. The scene before you causes you to shake, sometimes, that first time, you will cry.

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Italian DO NOT do any of these things... EVER!

There are some things Italians absolutely DO NOT do. Some of those things things that YOU do daily Italians see as life threatening.

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Venice, an Odyssey, hope, anger and the future of cities by Neal E. Robbins (La Toletta edition 2021)

I write to bring to your attention a book that I think would be of interest, given the recent attention to Venice. As you will know, the go-to book at

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Vicenza Italy - A Noble City

Vicenza Italy is so near to Venice yet nearly everyone misses this little gem. Join me in exploring my home town...

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Venice & Burano- Pictures to Dream By

Venice is number on our Italian bucket list and it should be on yours too. In this city of enchantment no time spent here is ever enough...

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Venice Tourism - Getting Away From the Crowds

Venice is not only the Bridge of Sighs and St Marks Square. There is a whole lot more. Join me, Maria, exploring the Venetian wonders few ever discover.

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Venice Italy Restaurants Guide

The Venice Italy Restaurants Guide features some of the best restaurants in Venice. The Osteria Anice Stellato is one such...

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Veneto Italy - An Insiders Guide

Veneto Italy is full of secrets, a place of great natural beauty, ancient medieval villages and two of the greatest cities on earth. Discover the Veneto...

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So Typically Italian - The 15 that Top the List

Even when far away from Italy there are 15 things that are typically Italian, reminding me of Italy whenever I encounter them.They make me long to return...

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Torbole sul Garda - Love at First Sight

Breathtaking Torbole sul Garda has prime position on Lake Garda. Surrounded by huge mountain peaks it is hard not to fall in love at first sight.

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Things to Do in Bari & Reasons to Love Bari

Bari is the heart and soul of Puglia is to be found. Bari is real, Bari is vibrant and Bari is enchanting. Watch out for flying wooden spoons though!

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Things Never To Do in Italy... NEVER... EVER!

You want to make a good impression in Italy right? You don't want to be that typical tourist do you? Well, make sure you NEVER do any of these things in Italy...

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The Best Thermo Spas near Venice Italy

Our complete guide to the thermo spas near Venice Italy. From where to stay through to what to see our insider guide will...

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Which are the stores in Venice you really don't want to miss?

In Venice, the touristy parts of the city are filled with tacky souvenir stores. If you know where to go though you'll discover stores in Venice that are ...

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St Marks Square - The Heart of Must See Venice Italy

St Marks Square is the most beautiful piazza in the entire world - any Venetian will tell you so. Sparkling with light and color. Join me in discovering...

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The Best Three and Four Star Hotels in Venice Italy

Which are the best three and four star hotels in Venice Italy? These are my picks. I include only hotels which I can recommend with confidence.

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Nonna's Spaghetti with Clams and Pistachio Pesto

Been to the Italian seaside? The way to bring those memories flooding back is with nonna's spaghetti and clams

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Spaghetti Bolognese Does NOT Exist in Italy.

Spaghetti Bolognese does not exist in Italy; however, the real Italian version is far more delicious... and we have the recipe just for you.

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The Best Southern Italian Destinations

South of Rome we go on a journey discovering the very best Southern Italian destinations. You may know of some of them but others you have never heard of.

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Soave - Medieval Village & Home to the Famous Soave Wine

Soave dates back to Roman times, one of the best preserved medieval villages in Italy with a towering castle, ancient city walls and vineyard covered hills.

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Shopping in Venice - The Guide

Shopping in Venice is wonderful but you can get lost in a maze of souvenir shops. You'll avoid that if you know where to go. Discover the best shopping...

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Is it Safe to Visit Italy?

Were you thinking of visiting Italy? Before you make a single plan watch this video!

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A Guide to Restaurants in Verona and Veneto

The Trattoria da L' Amelia is one of the restaurants in Verona that I would recommend. Our guide to the best restaurants in Veneto and Venice Italy features...

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Polignano, Matera and the Cave Hotel

Polignano has to be one of Italy's best kept secrets. What an amazing little town. Then there is Matera where things get a little strange..

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Lovely Pictures of Vicenza Italy

A city to enchant you, to capture your heart. These pictures of Vicenza will give you a taste of what you can expect from a city that should be...

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Amazing Photos of Venice Italy

Our site is dedicated to Venice Italy and the Veneto. This is our collection of some of the loveliest photos of Venice Italy.

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Padua Italy - A Home for the Heart

Padua Italy, known as Padova in Italian, has to be one of the loveliest of all Italian cities.

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Osteria al Duca - A Taste of Tradition

In the 13th century house where Romeo (of Romeo and Juliet fame) once lived exists an Osteria, the oldest in Verona.

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THE Guide to Buying Murano Glass in Venice Italy or Online.

It is so easy to get ripped off in the shops around St Marks Square, therefore this Murano glass buying guide is essential reading...

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The finest Handmade Mens Dress Shoes and Boots

All our men's dress shoes and boots are handmade in Italy by one of Italy’s finest craftsmen.

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Matera - Ancient and Full of Life

Once the shame of Italy and now one of her crown jewels. Matera is the original Italy, ancient beyond all other towns, another world.

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Map of Lake Garda, the Veneto, Venice Italy and Verona

Visiting Lake Garda? Then our map of Lake Garda and our Lake Garda travel secrets guide will be more than useful.

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The Best Luxury Hotels in Venice Italy

The best of all the luxury hotels in Venice Italy? Read my insider’s guide and discover the answer. ...

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Lake Garda Boat and Travel Guide

Boat is the best way to get around Lake Garda. It can be the quickest way too but my advice is rather not to rush. Our Garda boat and travel guide is...

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What makes Italy Special and Unique?

Discovered, 20 things which make Italy special. Be it a tiny village of cobbled lanes or dinner in a medieval town you will find the best of Italy here...

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Mamma's Italian Meatballs Recipe

My mamma makes the BEST Italian meatballs recipe. Yes, the BEST. They are to die for and if you don't believe me, cook up a pot of them yourself. I dare you...

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Italian House Insurance Companies

More difficult than buying is getting your house insured by Italian house insurance companies. If you want to buy home insurance in Italy my advice is...

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