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The Italy! Mamma Mia! Blog

The ItalyMammaMia Blog shares with you all that I love about Italy: news (with lots of good news stories too), our latest articles (featuring beautiful Italian places, recipes and travel advice). Then we've also things like Italian songs, great videos and essential information for those planning to travel to Italy.

Join me, Maria, and my family in discovering Italy together...

104 -Year-Old Nonna Beats Corona Virus

Thank You America!

Robots Help Italian Doctors

Listen, cry, believe. There is hope. This too shall pass

Greatest Italian Songs

This Gave Me Goosebumps

The Best Southern Italian Destinations

South of Rome we go, taking you on a journey discovering the very best Southern Italian destinations. You may know of some of them but others I am sure you have never heard of.

Continue reading "The Best Southern Italian Destinations"

Authentic and Italian - Our Tiramisu Recipe

Need a tiramisu recipe? You won't find any better than this one - it is 100% authentic Italian.

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We ARE Winning!

Stay AWAY from Italy!

Advice from Nonna

Mambo Away the Hard Times

Which One Would You Visit?

We WILL Rise Again

Our Message Regarding Covid - 19

One HUGE mistake I have been making with this virus story is looking at number, graphs, statistics. This is not about numbers, it is about lives, about stories gone for ever, people losing the person they relied upon, their rock, their everything.

I remember, when I lived in Turin, there was a lady in her 80s who'd sing sad, heart-rending songs from her balcony. She would sing for hours.

Nobody bothered to ask her why. Most just said she was mad.

One day though I decided to find out more.

It turned out that Rosalinda was from Sicily, she had lost her children and her husband in an earthquake decades before.

She never got over it.

With 30,000 now dead from Covid - 19 can you imagine how many heartbroken people there are today across the globe. People whose lives have been turned upside town.

Bereaved, bereft... many will never recover.

It is now that we need to be there for each other. Support each other. It is now that we need to put aside political rivalries, nationalistic rivalries and religious difference.

We are all in this together.

God bless you and your family

Andrew, Maria and William

Truly Inspiring. This Made Me Feel So Much Better

What About Going Shopping in Rome?

What could be better than a day shopping in Rome? Not much I promise! Before you start though you've got to read our guide filled with all the must-see shops and markets.

Continue reading "What About Going Shopping in Rome?"

Tennis Anyone?

Isn't this ingenious :-)

Italy... Empty!

Nuns Send Spirits Soaring

1 Euro Houses in Italy

Have you read about the 1 Euro houses in Italy? Would you like to buy one? We have everything you need to know!

Continue reading "1 Euro Houses in Italy"

Above Venice

We ARE ITALY! We WILL Overcome

This is SO Moving

Piovene Rocchette - A Delightful Veneto Town

Piovene Rocchette is a pleasant little Veneto village with an interesting old town that meanders its way up the slopes of the legendary local mountain, Monte Summano.

Continue reading "Piovene Rocchette - A Delightful Veneto Town"

Happy Cats!

Northern Italy Under Lockdown

Pray for Italy as Covid-19 Hits

The Venice Food and Recipe Guide

The Veneto and Venice Food and Recipe guide focuses on the great cuisine of this Italian region. We also share recipes and stories from elsewhere in Italy too: you simply have to try our Cannoli recipe.

Continue reading "The Venice Food and Recipe Guide"

Summer in Italy

Ever experienced a summer in Italy? Well, we've a way that you can bring the sunshine and happiness of an Italian summer home with you.

Continue reading "Summer in Italy"

12 Reasons to Move to Italy Now

Need a push to get going? Here are 12 Reasons to Move to Italy now and start living your life the dolce vita way.

Continue reading "12 Reasons to Move to Italy Now"

Fall in Love with Padova

City of bicycles, City of canals, City of medieval wonders. Padova is all of this and much more.

Continue reading "Fall in Love with Padova"

Padua Italy - A Home for the Heart

Padua Italy, known as Padova in Italian, has to be one of the loveliest of all Italian cities. There is so much to see and do here and it is a city that so many fall hopelessly in love with... I certainly did.

Continue reading "Padua Italy - A Home for the Heart"

The Best Hotel in Central Rome?

There is a hotel in Rome that is so very special, where breakfast is served under the orange trees with the fragrance of orange blossom infusing the air.

Continue reading "The Best Hotel in Central Rome?"

Rome's Cat Shelter - A Home in the Ruins

Near the Colosseum of Rome, between the ruins of ancient temples, is an unlikely sore of place, a shelter for cats. Here Rome's homeless cats are taken care of by a dedicated team of volunteers

Continue reading "Rome's Cat Shelter - A Home in the Ruins"

THE Italian Bucket List

The essential Italian Bucket List - 11 things you have to do before you die. Number two on the list is the one I love most.

Continue reading "THE Italian Bucket List"

So Typically Italian - The 15 that Top the List

Even when far away from Italy there are 15 things that are typically Italian, reminding me of Italy whenever I encounter them. They make me long to return and some of them even reduce me to tears.

Continue reading "So Typically Italian - The 15 that Top the List"

9 Secrets of Southern Italy

Grab your bucket list... I've 9 Secrets from Southern Italy to share with you. Can you believe places like this even exist?

Continue reading "9 Secrets of Southern Italy"

The 5 Best Cities in Italy

These are the 5 Best Cities in Italy. Cities of ancient mystery where medieval history and vibrant avenues of excited Armani clad Italians meet.

Continue reading "The 5 Best Cities in Italy"

The 9 Most Beautiful Towns in Italy

We would like to share a secret with you: the 9 most beautiful towns and villages in Italy.

Continue reading "The 9 Most Beautiful Towns in Italy"

Spaghetti Bolognese Does NOT Exist in Italy.

Spaghetti Bolognese does not exist in Italy; however, you'll be delighted to know that the real Italian version is far more delicious... and we have the recipe just for you.

Continue reading "Spaghetti Bolognese Does NOT Exist in Italy. "

The Easter in Venice Guide

Easter in Venice is wonderful, there's a special feeling in the air and Easter is still celebrated in the traditional way. Be a part of it - click for more.

Continue reading "The Easter in Venice Guide"

Our Homemade Lasagna Recipe

I am Italian and here is the way I have always made lasagna. It is the way my mother taught me and this homemade lasagna recipe is something my family really love.

Continue reading "Our Homemade Lasagna Recipe"

Veneto Italy - An Insiders Guide

Veneto Italy is full of secrets, a place of great natural beauty, ancient medieval villages and two of the greatest cities on earth. Discover one of Italy's most beautiful regions...

Continue reading "Veneto Italy - An Insiders Guide"

Ricotta Gnocchi Recipe. Little pillows that melt in your mouth!

My Father would make his Gnocchi recipe with me when I was a child. I remember we would sit around the kitchen table together after he had prepared the

Continue reading "Ricotta Gnocchi Recipe. Little pillows that melt in your mouth!"

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