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Italy! Mamma Mia ... I Love It!

Over twenty years ago, my husband and I moved to Italy. I am Italian, but my husband is not; however, days after our wedding, we decided that we wanted to start our married life together in Italy. We packed up and left a few weeks later.

My family is from the Veneto, so this region has special importance for me, and a lot of our site is about this region. The Veneto, as I knew and as my husband has since discovered, is an Italian region that is very easy to fall in love with and very difficult to leave.

Sharing the "secrets" of this gorgeous region and the rest of our beloved Italy is my (our) passion. Even famous cities like Venice and Verona offer many secret corners, and I can't tell you the pleasure I get every time I make a new discovery down some quiet little lane.

Once you visit this corner of Italy, it will capture your heart forever.

Veneto's Scenery

The diversity is astounding: you have the Dolomite Mountains to the north, beautiful Lake Garda to the west, and the lowlands to the south.

There are even great beaches not far from Venice. We've spent lots of sunny days on all of them, just to be able to share the best ones with you.

People, Towns & Villages

Veneto's people are often ranked among the friendliest in all of Italy, and when you consider how friendly Italians are, that really is something!

The region is of course home to some of the most beautiful and historically important cities in Italy, Venice and Verona being the best known. However, hidden throughout the region are many unforgettable little towns and villages.

Some of these villages, like the quaint village of Asolo, are without a doubt ranked up with the loveliest in all of Italy.

The Food

Last, but certainly not least, is the food. It is delicious beyond belief, and I'll share a few of my favorite recipes, both from the Veneto and elsewhere in Italy, as well as a number of the restaurants we love to eat at.

My mamma, a legend around town and affectionately known to all as "nonna," has helped too by sharing some of her legendary recipes and giving plenty of advice.

More Italy

It's not just the Veneto either. I know you'll likely want to see more of Italy while you are here, so we've got all your other favorites, from Rome to the Amalfi Coast.

Not just the well-known favorites, but many other wonderful Italian towns, villages, and landscapes from all across the country. Some of them you may never have heard of. All are bucket list worthy, though.

Spend time in our little world, and you'll discover them all.

You will soon be saying: Italy! Mamma Mia how I love it!



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