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Venice Vacation Rentals @ Home in Venice

Venice, with its captivating charm, beckons visitors to experience the city like a local. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the Venetian lifestyle is by choosing vacation rentals over traditional hotels. While hotels offer comfort and convenience, a vacation rental provides an opportunity to truly live in this enchanting city.

As I often say, maybe it's the allure of a little madness, but there's something genuinely magical about strolling through the vibrant outdoor markets, handpicking fresh, local produce, and returning to your own apartment to craft a delectable pasta dish for your family. Pair that with a bottle of fine Veneto wine, and you've just had one of life's greatest pleasures.

Such experiences, however, remain beyond reach in the confines of a hotel room. But in a Venetian apartment, the city becomes your canvas for culinary adventures.

That's why, when I find myself in Venice, I invariably opt for an apartment. However, it's important to note that not all rentals are created equal. I can wholeheartedly recommend a select few, places where you can truly savor the essence of Venice:

Corte Grimani

Venice Vacation Rental

Only a five-minute walk to San Marco and the Rialto Bridge. The apartments are clean and spacious, and the staff are all very friendly and speak English well. Some of the apartments have lovely views over the canals, and it is worth asking for one of these. For a map, more reviews, photos, and booking details, please click here.

Appartamenti Al'Campanile

Apartment al Campanile

Cannaregio is the heart of authentic Venice, where you'll uncover shops brimming with intriguing treasures rather than the typical touristy souvenirs. The squares are alive with locals, and tourists are a rare sight along the charming back lanes and picturesque smaller canals of this Venetian district. If your desire is to immerse yourself in Venice as a local, Cannaregio is the place to be, and there's no place better to experience this than Al' Campanile Apartments.

The allure of Cannaregio lies in its genuine atmosphere and the vibrant local culture that thrives here. It's a place where the traditional Venetian way of life endures, where the echoes of daily conversations and the laughter of residents fill the air. Stroll along the canal banks, and you'll observe elderly Venetians chatting on doorsteps, children playing in quiet squares, and artisans crafting their wares.

Cannaregio offers a true taste of daily life in Venice, free from the bustling crowds that often populate the city's more touristy areas. It's a place where you can savor a peaceful morning coffee at a local café, indulge in authentic Venetian cuisine at neighborhood trattorias, and uncover unique boutiques brimming with handmade crafts, art, and antique treasures.

Al' Campanile Apartments, nestled within this picturesque district, provide the perfect home base for your Venetian adventure. These cozy and well-appointed apartments capture the essence of Cannaregio, allowing you to live like a local while enjoying modern comforts. Whether you're planning to explore the historic Jewish Ghetto, visit the nearby Rialto Market, or simply wander the neighborhood's hidden corners, these apartments are your private retreat in the heart of authentic Venice. 

Here is everything you need to know and other reviews. This apartment goes quickly, so book early. 

Rialto Bridge Apartment

Rialto Bridge

Look out onto the Grand Canal and the famous Rialto Bridge from this delightful apartment. Outside your door, you'll find all of Venice's most important attractions. Remember when I mentioned how great it is to be able to buy fresh local ingredients at the market and come home and prepare a lunch or dinner? Well, the good news is that the most famous outdoor market in all of Venice is only a five-minute walk away. This apartment goes quickly, so book early. For more details and photos please click here.

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