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Venice in Summer

Venice in Summer is a destination that truly captivates the heart and soul, an enchanting escape into a world of mesmerizing beauty and timeless allure. As the sun's warm embrace slowly sparkles on the first of the eastern canals, Venice awakens in a symphony of subtle colors and exquisite charm.

By mid-morning, the colorful flower boxes adorning windowsills are blooming in their full glory, splashing red against the backdrop of ancient architecture and the glistening aquamarine waters of the canals, upon which gondolas elegantly glide.

Yet, it's the unique quality of the summer light in Venice that truly sets this great city apart. The soft radiance of the sun's rays, tempered by a gentle breeze, casts a spellbinding spell upon the city. It's as if the very air carries a magical essence, suffusing every corner with a dreamlike quality that defies description. The contrast between the intense brilliance of the summer light and the serene, timeless architecture creates an ambiance that feels both familiar and otherworldly, all at once.

The energy of the city, the harmonious blend of nature and history, and the sheer romanticism that envelops every cobblestone pathway—it's a symphony of senses that lingers long after you've departed.

I am thrilled to share these snapshots of Venetian summer with you, capturing just a glimpse of the beauty that this season bestows upon the city. 

Photos of Venice in Summer

Crowds in Venice

At times, tourism in Venice can feel a little out of control. Don't worry though; even on days that are crazy busy, there are corners that offer a welcome escape. You'll find them here.

Ghosts in Venice

Is Venice haunted?

Venice is full of haunted buildings. The most infamous is Ca Dario, a haunted Venice palace that has for centuries killed nearly all its owners in often violent ways. If your dream is to own a haunted Venice castle or palace, then Ca Dario is a good option. I heard it may be for sale.

They say that, if you look carefully, you will see masked faces staring out at you from dark corners and windows throughout Venice.

The photo above shows a spot that people have told me is haunted - who knows? Some say they see a little boy under the bridge or in the window frame. I can't see anything. Can you?

Hotel Danieli in Venice

A taxi drops of guests at the door of one of Venice's best hotels - THE place to pamper yourself in Venice. The reality of a city without cars is incredible, get yourself a taste of it here.

St. Marks - Venice

St. Mark's Square is gorgeous in summer but it gets very crowded so get there early...really early.

venice riva degli schiavoni

Sometimes you feel like royalty when you take a gondola ride in Venice.  Here's why this wonderful Venetian tradition deserves your support.

Acqua Alta book store in Venice

On a warm summer day, nothing can beat entering the cool world of the Acqua Alta book store. It feels as if you have fallen down the rabbit hole and discovered your own wonderland. Here's all you need to know about the incredible Acqua Alta book store.


For a quiet and shady escape from the summer crowds, a little time spent in one of Venice's parks is wonderful at restoring your energy before you reenter the fray. These are the parks in Venice you'll want to visit.

Little Canal in Venice
Forgotten Venice
Pink Venice

Isn't life just like Venice? So many bridges to cross but so beautiful.  In many ways I love these little canals most and many times, even in summer, you'll find yourself all alone in a beautiful and forgotten corner of Venice. Best way to discover these spots? Get lost! Here's more on getting lost.

Ca Pesaro Ca' Pesaro

What a wonderful sight to behold! The marble opulence of the Ca' Pesaro palace is always gorgeous - more so though on a sunny day when the marble seems so iand to literally sparkle . Ca' Pesaro was built in the 17th century and now houses one of Venice's most important museums - the Modern Art Museum of Venice. 

Glowing Arch - Venice

It's incredible how white seems to catch and reflect that unique Venetian light. Could this be why so many Venetian buildings were built in white marble?

Dining in VeniceTypical Restaurant in Venice

A Venetian restaurant overlooking a canal. For a selection of restaurants we love in Venice click here.

Rialto VeniceRialto Fish Market

The incredible Rialto Fish Market. This is one of the most amazing fish markets I have ever been to. The quality of the fish and the stunning setting next to the Rialto bridge make it one of the must-see sites of Venice.

Square in Venice

Many times, in areas like Castello and Dorsoduro, you'll come across squares like this where real Venetians go about daily life and there's hardly a tourist to be seen.

Venice Canals and GondolasGondolas on a Summer Morning

Early morning in Venice and the gondolas are all ready to go.  In summer the early morning hours are the best time to explore Venice. I tend to get up at around five and I love seeing Venice coming alive, with locals preparing for the day ahead, streets being cleaned and deliveries arriving at the shops and markets. Around 7am you'll start seeing more tourists appearing but before then it feels as if the city was made just for you. 

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