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Our website, along with our sister site and our popular Facebook pages (MioMyItaly and ItalyMammaMia), attract a massive audience of over four million people every month. Imagine the exposure your brand can gain through this extensive reach!

Cost-Effective and Customized Advertising

Advertising is often done by buying expensive advertising space in the leading newspapers and magazines of major markets like New York and London—a costly exercise that fails to address people’s needs in this age of the internet.

Even extremely expensive specialist publications targeting high-net-worth individuals fail dismally. These individuals may be looking to buy their next yacht or planning an African safari rather than looking to visit or invest in Italy. The result is that your money is mostly wasted.

Precisely Targeted Audience

The biggest difference is that traditional media does not reach your market when they are planning a vacation. On our websites, your message reaches a highly targeted market of people interested in Italy, right when they are planning a visit and searching for related information, be it flights, hotels, car rentals, travel insurance, etc.

Even better is the fact that reaches customers up to a year before they visit, reaches them 24 hours a day and all year round. The result is positive exposure to your precise target market, giving you the results your advertising has always aimed for.

Authentic Passion and Expertise

Most visitors come from the major cities of the USA or the UK and are typically mid-to-high-net-worth individuals with a love for all things Italian.

It doesn’t end there though; potential clients arrive from over a hundred countries a day, with a large following in all major European and Asian countries and in other English-speaking markets like Canada and Australia.

In today’s market, most potential visitors to Italy will use the web to research their trip, often long before they leave.

It is highly likely they will visit either,, or our Facebook pages. They are then exposed to your highly targeted and exclusive advertising shortly before they make their bookings.

When it comes to Italy, nobody else has an internet presence like us.

Limited Sponsorship Opportunities

Both and are run by Maria and Andrew, a husband-and-wife team who share their passion for the regions of Italy they know best, and they do it in a very unique way.

The sites are full of great insider tips on all aspects of life in Italy and are packed with reviews and articles on restaurants, hotels, cars, property, flights, car rental—even Italian home insurance is covered.

Maria and Andrew not only understand Italy thoroughly, they also understand their English-speaking customers needs completely. They provide a bridge between these two worlds in a unique way that is unmatched by other commercial sites.

Both sites have seen rapid growth and reach thousands of unique visitors a day. Many visitors have become loyal followers, contributing articles and stories and subscribing to the site's immensely popular newsletter.

Visitors are mid- to high-end individuals, intelligent people who visit Italy often. Exactly the market you want to reach.

None of the sites are ‘commercial," and few sponsorship opportunities exist.

The main aim of and has always been to share Andrew and Maria’s love for the regions of Italy they know best.

In order not to lose this unique quality, sponsorship opportunities will always remain limited.

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