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The Best Beach on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is not exactly Sardinia when it comes to beaches, but nonetheless, some good beaches are scattered along its beautiful shores.

The natural beaches of Garda are mostly pebble; the few sandy beaches are the result of the local councils dropping a lot of lovely soft golden sand on top of the pebbles.

Sand sure makes things a lot better—especially for children, who at least can get some use out of their buckets and spades. It also makes sunbathing a far less painful experience! Let’s get on with discovering which is the best beach on Lake Garda...


Torbole Beach, Lake GardaTorbole Beach, Lake Garda

Right in the heart of the old town of Torbole sul Garda you'll find a beach with a view that will take your breath away. Sit back and enjoy the view of the entire length of Lake Garda before you, with spectacular mountains framing this picture-perfect view. The beach itself is gravel, so wear some sort of footwear.

It can also get a little windy around 1 p.m. as the local Ora wind blows up the lake from the south, so it is best to visit in the morning. Water temperatures are a little lower than in the south, but you'll find water warm enough for swimming from late May or early June all the way until September.

Lazise Beach – The best beach on Lake Garda?

Lazise is my favorite town on Garda, and there is a lovely beach just along the coast south of Lazise. This is probably the best beach on Lake Garda, or at least the best sandy beach.

A lot of the best parts of the beach are owned by a camping site, but the free part is still sandy and not too crowded in June, although July and August can get a little cramped.


Desenzano has a number of pleasant beaches. The best one is a pretty decent shingle beach. You need to walk about twenty minutes east of Desenzano,  in the Sirmione direction, to get to the beach which is in an area called Rivoltella.


Sirmione BeachSirmione Beach

The beaches in Sirmione are a bit rocky, but the setting makes it well worth the effort to get here. With luck, you'll get to share your spot in the sun with one of the many swans.

There are a number of beaches in the area; Lido delle Bionde is rated as the beach with the cleanest water anywhere on the lake, and it really is crystal clear. The main public beach, Santa Maria, is popular with families and has lots of space for children to play.

To get here, you'll need to walk, as the parking is a fair distance from the beaches. From Sirmione, walk in the direction of the spas, then follow Punta Staffolo and you'll reach the beach.  The walk is just under 2 miles and takes around 35 minutes.

When you have had enough of the beaches, make sure you visit Sirmione itself, which is a fabulous little town. For photos and our suggestions on hotels etc. click here.

Punta San Vigilio

Punta San Vigilio, Lake GardaPunta San Vigilio

A little way past Garda Town, you'll find some lovely shingle beaches. The setting here is absolutely gorgeous – one of the most beautiful settings on the entire lake, and the water is crystal clear.

You will need a car to get here, and you can park in the Punta San Vigilio car park and walk. Don’t be tempted to park in the road: you may find your car towed away or you could get a substantial fine.

Spiaggia Baia del Vento

Near San Felice del Benaco is the Baia del Venoto. Soft sand and fewer crowds than Lazise beach makes this an ideal beach for children. You can hire canoes and pedal boats on the beach, and there is a pizzeria called Baia del Vento - not the best food but reasonably decent pizzas.

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