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Vicenza, Padova & Verona Photos

My Vicenza, Padova, and Verona Photos page is a personal journey through the captivating beauty of these enchanting towns. These towns, nestled in the heart of Italy's Veneto region, hold a special place in my heart, and through these photos, I hope to share their allure with the world.

Vicenza is the province my family is from; they have always lived in a small town in the mountains to the north of the city, a peaceful haven that contrasts to the bustle of the nearby city of Vicenza itself, which is a prosperous city of elegant charm and a center of Italy's gold jewelry business.

The town's rich history, reflected in its stunning architecture, makes every turn a new discovery. The iconic Teatro Olimpico, with its grand colonnades, and the Basilica Palladiana's majestic presence evoke a sense of reverence. Open-air markets are filled with vibrant colors and a lively atmosphere. Wander further, and there is always a stunning piazza around the next corner where you can catch up on gossip, sip a cappuccino or an aperitivo, and watch the world pass by. I love this city.

Padova's blend of medieval and modern elements fascinates me. The Prato della Valle, the largest square in Italy, has artistic statues adorning its lush greenery. Giotto's incredible frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel leave you breathless in awe, while the university's historical botanical garden take you to a tranquil place. This city truly is a seamless blend of history and contemporary charm.

Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet. The iconic Arena di Verona is a testament to the town's rich Roman heritage. As you wander through the narrow streets, on cannot but imagine Shakespeare's timeless characters coming to life. The Ponte Pietra, a picturesque Roman bridge over the Adige River, provided the perfect backdrop for capturing the town's charm. The love-laden atmosphere permeated my photos, making me feel as though I had stepped into a real-life love story.

Not all the photos on my page were taken by me, as much as I strive to capture the perfect shot, some moments slip away, leaving only a blur or an unintended angle. It's all part of the journey, and I believe imperfection adds a touch of authenticity to the collection. 

I invite you to browse through my photo collection to witness the beauty that lies within Vicenza, Padova, and Verona. May these photographs transport you to the heart of Italy, where each town's story unfolds through the lens, offering a glimpse into their unique and timeless beauty.

photos of Venice or elsewhere in Italy please click here.

A Courtyard in Verona - Taken at the Gabbia D'Oro

Verona has to be one of the loveliest cities in all of Italy. It isn't only a great place to be a tourist, but it is also one of the best cities in which to live in Italy. They do a ranking of the top cities in Italy every year; Verona is always in the top section. For more on this amazing city, visit my guide here. The photo is of the courtyard at the Gabbia d'Oro, the best place to stay in Verona, although it is rather expensive.

Verona from the Hills

Shakespeare theatre - Verona, ItalyRoman Theatre - Verona

The Adige river flows through Verona and encircles the old city. There are some great bridges crossing the river, too. One leads to the Scaliger Castle, while another takes you to the hills overlooking the city. It's here you'll find the Roman Theatre, which now hosts Shakespeare's plays during the summer months. The photo above was taken from the Roman Theatre. 

Verona - Typical Street Scene

Typical Verona Street Scene
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Squares in Vicenza

Piazzetta Andrea Palladio - Vicenza
Vicenza Square

Vicenza is full of some of the most beautiful squares in Italy. The famous architect Andrea Palladio came from the city, so you're in for a treat if you like Palladian architecture; nearly every square has something memorable by this architect. For more on the city click here.

Our Home Town of Piovene Rocchette, near Vicenza

Piovene Rocchette

The photo above was taken by me in the little town of Piovene Rocchette. Piovene Rocchette is a charming little town, to the north of Vicenza, and set at the foot of a giant forest-covered hill where an old church is hidden in the woods. Pilgrims used to arrive from across the country, and the botanical variety is some of the most varied in all of Italy. Did I mention the old brewery in the forest? Well, click on the link to discover that too.

The Market in Padova

Market in Padova

The picture above of a Padova market was taken by me. I really love the markets here. You can buy everything, from food to high fashion. My husband dreads it when we drag him here; he knows he's in for a long day!

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