My Solo Build It Review

Solo Build It! turned my life of lemons into Limoncello

My husband and I built this site with Solo Build It! nearly ten years ago and we have seen it go from strength to strength.  It has enabled us to make a living sharing our passion for Italy with the world and for that we will be forever grateful to them.

Anyway, because so many people were writing to me asking for my view on Solo Build It! I decided to write this Solo Build It! review....

Starting from Zero

I was a teacher and Andrew (my husband) worked in logistics - apart from sending email we knew nothing about the internet.  We tried a number of options - you can see a comparison with one of the options people often choose here.

Not one of them worked.

We were beginning to think that the internet was a pool of sharks and we were easy lunch for them.

Then we discovered Solo Build It!

Back to School

To be honest the course they put us through was intense - there were times when I came home from work exhausted and thought no way can I do this - Andrew felt the same. 

I was glad I persevered. I learnt so much and without it I would never have made it.

In fact, both Andrew and I do the course again every year. It's always updated and is all we need to keep us up to date with everything relevant to running our business.

Not A Website?

The critical thing for me was understanding that we weren't building a website but an online business.

All our previous online businesses failed because nobody had ever showed us how to run an online business - only how to build a website. More than anything else this is what Solo Build it! does better than any other company out there.

They don't tell you that you'll get rich quick. They explain you'll have to put in the work that comes with building any business. They give you the bricks, mortar and a great plan but you need to put it all together.

Put in the effort and there is a very good chance you'll succeed.

Social Media is Vital to Survive

This to me is absolutely the clincher. Today, without a good social media presence your business likely isn't going anywhere and Wix, Word Press or Wealthy Associates aren't going to show you how to succeed at social.

Solo Build It! will.

Their course covers how to build a business that includes using social media- not just a website. Our main Facebook page has over 400,000 followers - that's thanks to their help. It means I can drive tens of thousands of visitors to my website each week. 

How many other websites, built with another DIY platform, can show you that many social media followers? 

Reviews that Confuse

Thank goodness I avoided reading paid reviews when I started with Solo Build It. Instead I stumbled upon a few genuine reviews from people who don't make a living out of online marketing. I read about ordinary people who made a living out of a passion of theirs. 

These people were sharing how they'd succeeded at doing something they loved - thanks to the tools Solo Build It provided. They were people who had become successful solopreneurs. At the time I hardly believed I would one day be like them - now I am.

Watch out for reviews on sites that are about affiliate marketing, about starting a website or similar. They are trying to sell you products they get commissions on - most of the time they've never even tried the product they review and are often paid to give a negative review.

Ignore any review that says half way down the page: "click here to see the product I recommend instead". These always link to a company called Wealthy Affiliates and are paid affiliate links.

We don't make our living out of "selling" you Solo Build It! and none of the links on this page are affiliate link. If you ever need some time in Venice though do let us know :-)

Don't just take my word for it - rather do yourself a favor and have a look at this study that compares every site built with Solo Build It! and all those built through a competitor. 

On average, SBI! placed 3,300% more (that's 33X) sites into the top bracket.

Would I still use Solo Build It! 

If I had to start all over again my number one choice would still be Solo Build It! 

In fact, only eighteen months ago, we started another site called and guess who we used to build it with? You guessed it - Solo Build It!

The design of the new site is completely different to this one - which gives you an idea of how many options you have when it comes to design. I've read in some fake reviews the designs are clunky but that is nonsense - you can have whatever design you want!

Anyway, why would I still use Solo Build It!? Here are my reasons:

  • The course they put you through is invaluable.
  • A keyword research tool that is state of the art.
  • Invaluable support and friendly advice on their forums.
  • Websites built by Solo Build It are far harder to hack than any other.
  • New features are added all the time at no extra cost. 
  • No hidden costs or plug-ins needed.
  • Fabulous social media guides.
  • Pay the same no matter how popular your site becomes.
  • I can get on with sharing my love for Italy knowing they take care of the rest.

Now, how about that trip to Venice?

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