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THE Biggest Mistake Tourists to Italy Make

Have you read about the tours of Italy offering 7 cities in twelve days?  Or those tours promising to show you all of Italy in two weeks.

Perhaps you are wondering how many cities in Italy you can see in the time you have available? How you can see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, the Rialto Bridge, Milan Cathedral, Ravello, Amalfi, Positano.

Are you one of those tourist for whom getting that perfect selfie is everything?

A selfie in one of those iconic Instagrammable destinations like Venice or Rome - what more could one want in life? Did you manage to get that selfie of you on a gondola? I bet your friends are jealous!

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

All of the above is NOT the way to see Italy. 

Visit all those cities in a week or two and you can boast like mad to your friends that you've "seen" Italy... but actually you haven't seen ANYTHING of Italy.

Even before Covid -19 struck Italy, a few people had begun to realise that they no longer wanted this sort of mass-market tourism.

After the arrival of Covid 19 that trickle has become a flood.

I've noticed more and more people applying to join our subscriber section. They are asking for real, genuine experiences. They no longer want the crowds and chaos, but rather to slow down and become a part of the destination they visit.

Savoring the experience of living the local lifestyle in one of the villages or town we feature in the subscriber section.  

It gives me immense pleasure to see so many people from across the world, from the USA, India, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia and many more countries starting to really "get" Italy. 

They realise that the buildings, cities are wonderful but it is something more that Italy really offers.

It is a return to a quiter, slower existence. A way to appreciate life in a way that so many of us have left behind; left behind in a mad rush for that latest experience, that flashy new car, that glamorous selfie - the one that will make all your friends jealous.  

Yes, you may miss out on the selfie of you holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

However, you will remember those moments you spent laughing with the locals in the piazza, that lunch at the tiny trattoria, where you were the only tourist and they treated you like long lost family.

You'll share moments of magic and experience the real dolce vita. The memories and friendships will last a lifetime.  

That to me is priceless. If you feel the same way join us.

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