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Is It Safe to Travel To Italy

People are always asking me if it is safe to visit Italy? People ask things about the crime rate, murder rate, Covid-19 etc. 

I reply that Italy is one of the safest countries on earth.

If you look at the homicide rate per year per 100,000 inhabitants (based on the official statistics on Wikipedia) you will see how safe Italy is:

  • Mexico: 29.07 per 100,000
  • Brazil: 27.38 per 100,000
  • USA: 4.96 per 100,000
  • UK: 1.20 per 100,000
  • Sweden: 1.08 per 100,000
  • Australia: 089 per 100,00
  • Italy: 0.57 per 100,000

Violent crime of any sort is extremely rare in Italy. Of course, in big cities like Milan, Rome and Naples there are a few neighborhoods you'll want to avoid... as there are in most of the big cities of the world.

Petty crime, mostly pickpocketing, can be an issue and it is the one crime you need to be aware of as a tourist. The main areas of risk are crowded buses and trains as well as crowded stations and tourist spots. We often advise our supporters of specific areas to be careful of in the areas they are visiting. If you are a supporter, then you are welcome to check with us before you travel. 

Covid-19 in Italy?

How did they manage to get the coronavirus under control so effectively after such a bad start?

Well, firstly Italians work together, care for their communities and respect the elderly. In many ways the community comes before the individual.

That means that if they think something might help others to stay safe, particularly the elderly, they will do it. 

To Italians it is just common sense. 

Yes, Italy's travel restrictions were unfair and didn't make any sense and government policy can be all over the place; however, Italians themselves have made a real effort... simply by thinking of others in their communities and putting their communities before themselves.

Why is Italy so Safe?

In Italy there is a terrifyingly efficient security apparatus. Forget Big Brother... this is far more effective. 

Nothing in the neighborhood goes unseen, nothing goes unreported. Your secrets are known, your movements are being watched. 

It is called the NSA (Nonna Surveillance Agency). It operates in cities, towns, villages... everywhere! Step out of line and you will be caught and dealt with.

The good news is that thanks to this system you can travel to Italy with peace of mind. It is because of the Nonna Surveillance Agency that Italy is one of the safest destinations in the world to travel in. 

What about the south of Italy? What about the mafia?

I get asked this so often.  My advice is to not worry - the south of Italy has some of the lowest violent crime rates on earth and petty crime is low too except in big cities. For a detailed response to the southern Italy crime myth, and to some of the other false stereotypes about the south, click here.

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