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Graffiti in Italy... What do you think of it?

In centuries past, young Italians signed off on some of the greatest artworks the world has ever seen. Now, they sign off with scribbles on walls😢

Some say that even in Roman times there was graffiti so we should just accept it as a part of Italian culture. Others say it is pure vandalism and shouldn't be tolerated. 

In smaller towns, where locals, young and old, still have great pride in their towns it is far less common.

However, in some cities like Milan, Rome and Naples it seems out of control - every street seems to be scarred by it. Even Venice fights a continual battle with local youth who seem to believe a scribble of paint will add immense value to the priceless treasures and beautiful palaces of the city. 

Can they not see what a hideous scar they are leaving on the face of their own beloved cities? Can they not see the damage they are creating?

Italy and Italians have one priceless asset... the glorious history bestowed upon them by their ancestors.

To destroy that is tragically sad.

Let's teach our children to celebrate the great gifts of the past, to preserve them for future generations and to love them.

Typical Italian Graffiti

grafitti in Italy
a train in Italy covered in graffiti
Graffiti in Naples, Italy

Most Italian graffiti is horrible, like that shown in the photos above. Sometimes though you do get to see beautiful exceptions... like the one at the end of the video and the ones in the photos below. 

I wish all Italian graffiti looked like this, I could live with it then as this is truly art.

Unfortunately, I virtually never see anything even vaguely decent, just thousands and thousands of those horrible scribbles. 

Beautiful Graffiti

Beautiful graffiti in Italy
Graffiti on a house in Rome

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