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Italians DO NOT do these things

Some things are simply not done by Italians.In fact, some of the things YOU do on a daily basis may be considered dangerous by Italians.

Okay, so what are these things?

Well, before I get onto the list, I'd like to mention a few false myths that need to be dispelled:

Italians don't wash their hands or shower regularly:

Answer: this is absolute nonsense.

Italians are rude:

Answer:  Untrue, the Italian language still has formal and informal forms of address and Italians are very concerned with not offending others. Of course, like in any country, you get some rude individuals.

What are the craziest questions people ask about Italy?

Piazza, Siena, Italy

The List: 9 Things Italians Don't Do

  1. Cheese on seafood doesn't work for Italians and nor does pineapple on pizza.
  2. Sitting in a draft is something to avoid at all cost, especially when eating. It can have severe consequences for ones digestion.
  3. Never swim straight after eating. It will cause what Italians call a "congestion" where the vital processes of digestion are somehow blocked by the water, causing a serious risk to digestion.
  4. Going out with wet hair. This is something my Anglo husband did before we married, my family were horrified. Couldn't understand how he had survived so long. He still hasn't learned yet, but is getting better. The horrified looks he gets on the street, each time he forgets, helps keep him in line.
  5. Eating spaghetti out of a tin - another sin my husband frequently committed before we married.  Nobody at his work in Turin would even believe him when he told them it existed... until he brought a tin to work. The shock, the pain on their faces. The tin was sent to the Italian museum of unspeakable horrors. 
  6. Do you enjoy a cappuccino with your dinner? Well, Italians don't and would be horrified to learn that people actually drink cappuccinos while eating dinner. Cappuccino is drunk in the morning—maybe with a pastry, croissant, or biscuit. That's it. With dinner, rather try some wine or water and have an espresso afterwards. Coffee also isn't drunk on the go, out of an enormous cup, or while driving, and if you want a "latte," Italians will give you a glass of milk.

What are the other 3 things Italians never do? Watch the video up top to find out.

Things Italians don't do

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