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How About Moving to Italy?

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Have you ever entertained the idea of living somewhere completely different, but felt uncertain about making a permanent move?

Well, why not consider spending a year in Italy?

This family from the USA did just that. They loved the experience! We've heard from so many other people who have done the same sort of thing. We even shared the inspiring story of a grandmother from California, who left behind 5 kids and 10 grandchildren to spend time in Italy.

It is incredible what you can achieve... if you have the courage to follow your dreams.

It's the best thing you could ever do...

Living in a foreign country for a year can be one of the most enriching experiences you'll ever have. For starters, it helps you clear your mind and escape the cacophony of everyday life. Regardless of where you currently reside, whether it's Wichita, New York, New Delhi, or any other place, you often get caught up in local customs, societal expectations, and political dynamics.

Sometimes, amidst all the noise, you lose sight of your true self and what truly matters to you. I've been there myself. Engrossed in local matters, striving to meet the expectations of others, consumed by political affairs, and feeling the pressure to keep up with the latest material possessions.

However, spending a year in a different country allows you to regain perspective and reevaluate your priorities. It helps you realize how trivial and insignificant many of those things were. Don't just take my word for it—give it a try!

Here are twelve compelling reasons why Italy is THE choice for your escape:

View of Giudecca Island and San Giorgio at dawnImagine waking up to Venice every morning?
  1. The beauty of the Italian landscape will take your breath away.
  2. Italian cuisine is a feast for the senses, offering an exquisite culinary experience.
  3. The rich history and culture of Italy will inspire and captivate you.
  4. Italians have a relaxed and laid-back approach to life, allowing you to embrace la dolce vita.
  5. You'll have the opportunity to learn and speak one of the most romantic languages in the world.
  6. Italy is renowned for its world-class art, architecture, and historical landmarks.
  7. The warm and welcoming nature of Italians will make you feel right at home.
  8. The vibrant local festivals and traditions will immerse you in the Italian way of life.
  9. Italy boasts a diverse range of regions, each with its unique charm and character.
  10. The Mediterranean climate offers plenty of sunshine, perfect for enjoying the outdoors.
  11. You'll have the chance to explore picturesque towns, enchanting villages, and stunning coastal areas.
  12. Italy's central location makes it an ideal base for further travel and exploration in Europe.

What Happens When You Return Home?

Upon returning home, I guarantee you won't view things in the same way anymore. You'll find yourself feeling much calmer, at peace, and capable of shrugging off narrow-minded expectations and the anger of others.

However, here's the thing—you may discover that the life you left behind no longer satisfies you. I've experienced this myself, and I've heard countless similar stories. For instance, a dear friend of mine visited Positano from the UK and never went back.

Then there's the tale of a courageous mother of three boys who decided to leave her old life behind and start anew on the charming Cilento Coast in southern Italy. She described waking up one morning to the warm sunlight streaming through her shutters, the aroma of freshly brewed espresso, and the pleasant sound of Italians conversing beneath her balcony. This became her new home—a place where she could begin a fresh chapter as a wife and mother.

In many cases, what was initially intended as a year in Italy turns into a lifelong journey. Will this be the case for you? Unless you muster up the courage to start planning you will never know. So start planning today, and if you need more convincing, here are 12 more reasons why Italy is a great choice for your escape. 

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FAQ About Moving to Italy

Q: Is it difficult to move to Italy?

A: Unless you are a citizen of an EU country, moving to Italy can present its own challenges. The biggest challenge of all is navigating the bureaucratic processes and obtaining the necessary permits and visas. It requires careful planning and research to ensure a smooth transition.

I get so many requests from people, mostly from the UK and USA, wanting to move and asking for my advice. I cannot give legal, tax, or immigration advice; however, it is really difficult if you aren't from an EU country.  Many of those from the UK don't realize that they are now in the same category as those from the USA, Asia, South America and Africa and it is now almost impossible for them to move permanently.

Q: Do I need to speak Italian to live in Italy?

A: While it's not mandatory to speak Italian, having a basic understanding of the language will greatly enhance your experience and integration into Italian society. It will make everyday tasks, such as shopping or interacting with locals, much easier and more enjoyable. If you would like to eventually apply for Italian citizenship, though, a really high level of Italian, both spoken and written, is required.

Q: How expensive is it to live in Italy?

A: The cost of living in Italy can vary depending on the region and lifestyle choices. Generally, major cities like Rome or Milan tend to be more expensive, while smaller towns and rural areas offer a more affordable cost of living.

Generally, the south of Italy, except for touristy areas like the Amalfi Coast, is far more affordable than the north or central parts of Italy. In particular, regions like Abruzzo, Molise, and Basilicata offer great value.

Don't be caught out by all those 1 euro house deals you read about, though; those always come with a lot of problems. Our guide to the 1 Euro deals explains what you need to be aware of.

It's important to budget and consider factors such as accommodation, transportation, and healthcare expenses.

Q: Can I find work in Italy?

A: Finding employment in Italy can be challenging, especially for non-EU citizens due to strict work permit regulations. It's advisable to secure a job offer or explore opportunities before relocating. English teaching, freelance work, or starting your own business are some avenues to consider.

Q: How is the healthcare system in Italy?

A: Italy has a comprehensive healthcare system, providing universal coverage to residents. EU citizens can access healthcare through the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), while non-EU citizens may need private health insurance or pay for services out-of-pocket. Health care levels do vary a lot. In some parts of southern Italy, like the Calabria region, it can be very poor, while in northern regions like the Veneto, it is excellent.

Q: Can I bring my pets to Italy?

A: Yes, but you need to comply with Italy's pet import regulations, including microchipping, vaccinations, and documentation.

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