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What is the Dolce Far Niente?

...and why, to get the most out of Italy, you must learn to live it.

We wrote about how the type of rushed Italy vacation many people take is absolutely all wrong. You can read that article here. 

That's why, understanding dolce far niente (before you leave for Italy) is absolutely essential. 

We received a fabulous description from Nicki Burns, which describes it beautifully. You can read it below and understand it further by watching the video.

Dolce far niente is a way of life. Whether it's celebrating with good wine, an aperitivo, or a plate of pasta...or whether it is a normal everyday lunch or the most amazing holiday. Dolce far niente is how it all comes together. What makes it special.

Dolce far niente is a way of thinking always fixed to the moment, in which we can finally ‘do nothing’ marvel in it and enjoy it.

The sensation when you sit in a cafe while you drink coffee and watch the passersby. Time slows and for half a second you admire life in its simplicity and you only want to smile.

It is doing nothing, without getting bored.

It’s a kind of ‘me time’ when you don’t do anything in particular: no phone, no reading, no sleep – just observing the buzz of life around you and recharging your batteries.

It sounds like idleness, but it’s actually something different.

It’s more like a break from the rat race. It’s a moment to reorganize your energy. It’s a way to unwind and to put some distance between you and your life and viewing it better as a whole.

The Italian concept Dolce far niente…

dolce = sweet

far(e) = do

niente = nothing

Literally: the essence of doing nothing and enjoying it.

Nothingness is that pleasant experience of enjoying time going by, letting your thoughts take over.. We have the beauty of amazing landscapes, from the coasts and seasides to the highest mountains. Cities and towns like Venice, Florence - where the piazze seem perfectly made for dolce far niente.

That is where dolce far niente is at its best, where all that matters is living in the moment. No stress, no pressure, nothing matters; just live in the moment, a ‘doing nothing’ moment.

Sheer indulgent relaxation and blissful laziness, the enjoyment of idleness.

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