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The Top 10 Sights in Italy!

Which are the top 10 sights in Italy? Some on this list you may know but, I think a few will be a huge surprise! Oh, and let us know how many you have visited.

  1. At the top of the list we have two winners. Why two? Well, because one of the two is not really Italy proper; it is the Vatican. And the other one? The Colosseum in Rome.
  2. Still in Rome, and one of my personal favorites, is the Pantheon: it is one of the best preserved of all Roman building and the dome's size still leaves architects and engineers in awe.
  3. Pompeii is next! It is a glimpse into another age but it leaves me in tears - it is so sad to see these poor people and get an understanding of the tragedy that hit them. A disaster that happened so quickly and changed their lives for ever. It makes you realise that we should never take anything for granted in this world of ours. Appreciate every moment.
  4. Piazza San Marco in Venice - the most beautiful piazza in all of the world.
  5. Milan's Cathedral - in a country filled with beautiful churches and cathedrals this one is still exceptional. They tell me that it took 600 years to build and that just goes to show that nothing wonderful is ever achieved quickly. 
  6. Le Galleria degli Uffizi, perhaps the greatest art gallery on earth?
  7. Florence Cathedral is next, watch the start of our video below to see just how awe-inspiring this cathedral is.
  8.  The Palace of Venaria is likely not somewhere you've ever heard of. It is absolutely a must visit sight though, on a par with the Palace of Versailles in France. Read more about it here.
  9. The Trevi Fountain - simply throw in a few coins for a return ticket to Italy.
  10. The Rialto Bridge is often rather crowded, but get there really early in the morning and view it from a little way down the Grand Canal. You'll understand instantly why this is one of the most beautiful of all bridges.
Colosseum in Rome

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