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Is Italy still run by Caesar? 

These and other important questions about Italy answered

Is Italy still run by Caesar?

We sometimes get the funniest requests. I thought I would share some of them with you. We could all do with a bit of a laugh in these times.

Here are some of the craziest we've had - our answers are in red:

  1. Are there any English speaking towns in Italy? No
  2. Will the restaurants in Italy allow me to use my Olive Garden gift card? No
  3. I know Italians only eat pizza and pasta but I can't eat gluten. Must I bring food with me? Gluten free is available in Italy
  4. I want to visit Naples but don't feel comfortable being so near a volcano. Is there anything that can be done? Moving mountains (or volcanoes) requires a greater power than is available to us - sorry we can't help with this one.  
  5. I have a right to carry my guns with me at all times. Will Italy infringe on my rights? I'm afraid they will, they will confiscate them and arrest you.
  6. Is Italy still run by Caesar? They change leaders so often in Italy that he might be. Best check with your nearest Italian consulate.
  7. Everywhere we went in Italy the pasta wasn't cooked properly - I complained but often they were just rude when I tried to educate them as to how it should be cooked. I had an Italian friend try to teach New Yorkers how to make a hot dog. They were rude to him too. I wonder why?
  8. Do they still speak Latin in Italy? Yes, most kids have been taught it at school. Duolingo has started a course so that you can prepare.
  9. Is Italy a part of Sicily.  Yes, it is that strange boot shaped piece there on the top right of Sicily.
  10. How do I join the Mafia.  I'm going to stay silent on this one.

P.S. The questions came from people in three different countries and on three different continents.

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