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Romeo and Juliet's Balcony in Verona Italy

If you would like to see a lovely old building then visit this 13th century house in Verona but if you want to see the balcony of Romeo and Juliet then Verona is not the place.

Juliet statue in VeronaThe statue of Juliet appears sad as she stands below her balcony.

Is Juliet's balcony real? Is Juliet's balcony really romantic?

These are both questions I am often asked and the answer is that the balcony in Shakespeare’s play doesn’t exist, at least according to the experts who say that Shakespeare’s stage directions called for a window scene and not, as commonly believed, a balcony scene.

To be honest, it is a bit of a tourist trap. The house has nothing to do with the fictional characters in Shakespeare’s play, and, from what I understand, the balcony was only added in the 1930s.

Verona has so many absolutely wonderful attractions (you'll find the best of them here) that the Romeo and Juliet balcony shouldn't be at the top of your sightseeing list. That's not to say don't visit though, read on to see why...

Juliet's balcony in Verona

You won’t get many involved in the Verona tourism business to admit that—it might just ruin a great bit of marketing.

Actually, despite my sounding a little cynical in the previous paragraphs, I'd still suggest you visit. I hate to admit it, but it actually is a little bit romantic, and anyway, how could you come all the way to Verona and not be able to tell people you visited the balcony? 

So, if, like me, you are a romantic soul and can never get enough romance, visit our map page to see where the house is as well as some of the other lovelier Verona attractions are.

Juliet's balcony

The good news is that you can wander into the tourist-infested courtyard and see the balcony at no cost. However, should you want to go into the "museum" and stand on the balcony, then you will have to pay.

My advice is to not bother unless you absolutely need that iconic photo of you standing on the balcony. According to a friend in the tourism department, the numbers of people who do pay to enter confirm just how important that photo is to most visitors.

  • A Tip: Wander past at night and the whole courtyard  looks way more romantic. Perhaps follow that up with dinner at Romeo's house - here's more on that.

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