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Venice Goes Silent: this had me in tears

This was one of the most incredible and moving sights I'd ever seen! 

Who would ever have believed that Venice would ever look like it does in this video. Gone are the tourists, gone is the noise, the chaos.

This was Venice in March 2021.

Stores and pretty much everything else closed, people in their homes and the only sounds those of nature. 

However, listen carefully and THERE IS is another sound. It is the echo of hope in the air, a feeling that all will be okay or, as they say in Italian andrà tutto bene.

It may soon be that Venice and the rest of Italy will be back to normal... we have hope and our prayers to see us through.

I know that many people are frustrated about not being able to return to Italy. I feel for them. I know it is tough.

It is tough for us too.

Our main source of income was hotel bookings and advertising. The bookings have all gone and most advertisers have abandoned us :-(

Despite the fact that I need you to return to make a living I want to be honest with you. I would not recommend visiting yet.

Our personal feeling is that Italy, Spain, France and others opened too soon.

That has led to a spike of cases and second and third waves.

Many will tell you to return, some genuinely believe that.

Others have a vested interest in your returning, because your not returning is costing them money.

It is costing our family money as well. We have no income too.

Yet, I cannot think only of my own selfish interest. I feel there is too much selfishness in this world as it is.

I truly believe this will eventually pass;  however, summer now looks to be out of the question. Maybe autumn? Whenever it does pass I can promise you the return will be that much sweeter. Things we all took for granted will be appreciated that much more.

See you soon (but not TOO soon) in Italy.

Maria & family

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When You Can Travel Again...

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