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Good Day Trips from Venice Italy

by Walter
(Far Away from Italy)

Day Trips from Venice

Day Trips from Venice

My wife and I have booked a week in Venice this September. And I have taken the advice I found on your site on where to stay in the city, having decided to book into the Opera hotel,...I hope it is as good as you say it is:-)

I wanted to let you know that but I also wanted to hear from you if there are any good day trips from Venice. Pretty much something where we can leave Venice early in the morning and spend an entire day discovering some of the other lovely spots I'm sure the Veneto must have. Some of those you mention on your site would be good.

Two problems though... I don't want to hassle about a car rental just for one day. It seems like to much effort and honestly I don't much fancy the idea of driving in Italy anyway.

Problem two regards public transport. If I get the train from Venice I'll get to see only a city or maybe two at the very most. Pretty much those that the train goes too and that isn't good enough for me. I want villages, countryside...that sort of thing. A real taste of Veneto and a real taste of Italy. How can I do that?

Maria's reply:

I really am sure that you'll love the Opera hotel. There is nothing not to love and even the price is loveable by Venice's standards!

To your question about a day trips from Venice; your point about using the train is very true. The trains are great if you want to visit a Verona or Vicenza for a day but to get out into the countryside and discover the villages and towns...the real Veneto you'll need a car or a great tour.

Seeing as you don't want the car rental option (although driving in the Veneto isn't that bad) I have just the answer...the perfect day trip from Venice tour!

You'll get to see the quaint village of Asolo, and medieval Marostica, where the famous festival uses real people as chess pieces. Also visited is the charming old mountain town of Bassano del Grappa and a number of other lovely places are included in the tour – why not have a look at the full details of this day trip here.

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