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Lake Garda Boat & Ferry Guide

Boats on Lake Garda offer the best way to get around. It can be the quickest way too, but my advice is to try not to rush; Garda is not that sort of place. Take your time and enjoy a slow cruise around the lake or from town to town. 

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Boat on Lake Garda - Veneto Italy

For those in a rush...

The hydrofoil and catamaran are the best options for those in a hurry. They are fast, and my son loves them. I think he would spend most of his day going up and down on the hydrofoil, but then he loves anything that goes fast - like the Frecciarosa trains. Personally, I find you zoom from one place to the next without seeing very much, and they are very expensive.

It is not worth it, in my considered opinion. While the experience undoubtedly has its merits, the hefty price tag challenges the notion of value. Is the fleeting thrill of speed truly worth the price? For some, the chance to partake in a swift aquatic adventure might be a memory worth making. For others, the idea of exchanging a slow meander across the lake for a swift passage might feel more like a transaction than an experience.

Taking the slow boats on Lake Garda…

The ferry ride is a symphony of visual delights. Each turn of the journey offers a new perspective, a fresh panorama. From the grandeur of Mount Baldo looming in the distance to the quaint harbors and pretty beaches dotted along the shoreline, every moment is a testament to Lake Garda's undeniable allure.

In an age where speed often dictates our lives, the Lake Garda ferries provide a welcome departure from the frenetic pace of modernity. As you step aboard, time itself seems to take a leisurely pause. The gentle lapping of water against the ferry's hull, the soft breeze that carries the scent of pine trees, and the unhurried movement across the lake all work in harmony to create an atmosphere of tranquility. This is the way to see the lake—slowly and calmly while sitting on deck and enjoying the sunshine.

Plenty of people take their cars across the lake like this, and it is quicker than driving all the way around. It makes sense considering the time saved, and if you work out the cost of the ferry versus the gasoline, it will probably save you money too. With multiple stops along the lake's perimeter, the ferries provide the flexibility to craft your own adventure, to hop off and explore a charming village, indulge in a leisurely lakeside lunch, or simply savor the feeling of the water beneath you.

Even slower are the old paddle steamers, the MPV Italia and the MPV G Zanardelli, still operating out of Desenzano and Riva. These are the oldest boats on Lake Garda and are over a hundred years old. They look quite magnificent, chugging up and down the lake. Sadly, I have never been on one, and I am not sure how you get to go on them. I believe they are now used only for private charters, so perhaps you need to work for a corporation that hires one for an event or something. If you do work for such a corporation, please invite me next time!

Tickets for the ferries, catamarans, and hydrofoils can be bought at the ports.

FAQ About Garda Ferries

How often do the ferries operate on Lake Garda?

The frequency of ferry operations varies based on the route and the time of year. During the peak tourist season (usually from April to September), ferries operate more frequently, with departures ranging from every 30 minutes to hourly on popular routes. In the off-peak season, the frequency might be reduced.

What are the main ferry routes and destinations around Lake Garda?

Lake Garda ferries connect various towns and villages along the lake's shoreline. Some of the main routes include routes between Garda and Bardolino, Malcesine and Limone, and Sirmione and Desenzano. These routes allow travelers to easily explore different parts of the lake.

Do I need to make reservations for the ferries in advance?

Generally, reservations are not required for regular ferry services on Lake Garda. Tickets can be purchased directly at the ticket offices located at the ferry docks. However, during peak tourist season, it's a good idea to arrive a bit early to ensure you secure a spot on the ferry, especially during busy hours.

Are the ferries affected by weather conditions, such as wind or rain?

Yes, the operation of Lake Garda ferries can be influenced by weather conditions, particularly strong winds. In case of adverse weather, ferry services might be temporarily suspended for safety reasons. It's advisable to check the local weather forecast and ferry schedules before planning your trip, especially if you're relying on the ferries for transportation.

Is there a car ferry across Lake Garda?

Yes, there is a car ferry that crosses Lake Garda. The car ferry operates between Torri del Benaco on the eastern side and Toscolano-Maderno on the western side of the lake. This car ferry provides a convenient way to transport vehicles across the lake, avoiding longer drives around its shores. It's recommended to check the ferry schedule and availability before planning your journey with a vehicle.

Is it possible to rent private boats or charter services on Lake Garda?

Yes, there are options to rent private boats or charter services on Lake Garda. Many towns along the lake have boat rental services that offer various types of boats, from motorboats to sailboats. These rentals allow you to explore the lake at your own pace and create a customized itinerary. Charter services are also available for those who prefer guided tours or luxurious experiences.

Can I bring my car or bicycle on the ferries?

Yes, you can bring both cars and bicycles on some of the Lake Garda ferries, particularly the larger ones. However, car and bicycle transport availability may vary depending on the route and the ferry company. It's advisable to check with the specific ferry company's website or contact their customer service to confirm whether you can bring your car or bicycle on the ferry.

Is there a schedule for the Lake Garda ferries, and where can I find it?

Yes, there is a schedule for Lake Garda ferries. The schedules can vary based on the season, routes, and weekdays. You can find the ferry schedules at the official website of the ferry company operating on Lake Garda. 

Need somewhere to stay?

Hotels on Lake Garda are a mixed bag. I have a few I know and which I can trust to not let you down. Have a look at the list here.

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