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Typically Italian - The List

Even when I am far away from Italy, there are 15 things that are so typically Italian, reminding me of Italy whenever I encounter them.

They invariably make me long to return as soon as I possibly can, and some of them even have the power to reduce me to tears.

Balcony in Italy by Jim DeLutes

Here then is the list...

1] The stately elegance of cypress trees lining the horizon and the golden radiance of sunflowers stretching towards the sun—these timeless symbols of the Italian countryside captivate my senses and revive memories of leisurely drives through Tuscany's rolling hills.

2) The mere whiff of fresh basil or the rich aroma of pesto sauce simmering on the stove transports me to bustling Italian kitchens, where generations have perfected the art of infusing dishes with the essence of the Mediterranean.

3)The quaint charm of little Fiat cars, and in particular the endearing Fiat 500, lovingly referred to as the cinquecento, is a testament to Italy's commitment to design and style. Their diminutive size and unmistakable flair reflect the Italian spirit in automotive form. The Fiat 500 story is, in so many ways, the story of post-war Italy. Read it here.

Fiat 500 in the Italian countryside
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4) The urban "symphony" or cacophony of motorini and the iconic Vespa has me dreaming of Italian cities like Napoli, where the sound of these reverberates through cobblestone streets. The sounds are enough to conjure images of Italians zipping through city life with an unmatched sense of freedom and vitality. These two-wheeled companions embody the soul of Italian mobility.

5) Italian music, Andrea Bocelli's song called "il mare calmo della sera" is one I adore.It always has me in tears as soon as I hear it. It wraps around me like a warm embrace, conjuring poignant emotions and a heartbreakingly beautiful connection to Italy's lyrical soul.

6) Pasta and of course pizza. The artistry of pasta's myriad forms and the culinary perfection of pizza's symphony of flavors encapsulate the essence of Italian gastronomy, transporting me to trattorias where convivial conversations echo against ancient stone walls.

7) Pedallos, I see one elsewhere and close my eyes. Soon I am gently gliding over cerulean waters and savoring the simple delight of gelato by the seaside. Blissful moments amid the coastal beauty of Italy.

8) Mornings that awaken to the heavenly aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the delicate sweetness of pastries form a symphony of scents that awakes memories of the dawn of another day in Italy's embrace.

Croissants in Milan

9) The colors of the Italian flag, as soon as I see the colors together memories of Italy come flooding back. An ode to the country's unity and heritage, conjuring vivid images of sun-kissed landscapes and spirited celebrations.

10) Sunday Mass in a Catholic Church, the Presepio at Christmas time and that great Italian Christmas cake the panettone.

11) The photos and recipes in the book Autumn in Piemonte: Food and Travels in Italy's Northwest, remind me so much of the many happy years we spent in Piedmont before we moved to the Veneto. Evoking the captivating moments that colored our years there.. Evoking the captivating moments that colored our years there.

12) Ferrari cars, not only for the car itself but because the Ferrari is absolutely adored by all Italians, both young and old. Ferrari embodies the nation's passion and tenacity, epitomizing the Italian zest for life. Italians don't follow a favorite driver in Formula 1, as the rest of the world does; they follow a car. One car only—the Ferrari! By the way, if you'd love to head out on some of the greatest road trips Italy has to offer, then click here to find out which are the best road trips in Italy.

13) Shuttered windows—I always dream of opening them and finding Italy lying beyond.

Window on Italy by Jim DeLutes

14) Walls that bear the marks of time, adorned with flower boxes overflowing with fragrant herbs and lavender, mirror the rustic charm that graces Italian homes, embodying the poetry of everyday life.

15) The sound of church bells on a Sunday morning.

P.S. Is there anything you can add to the list? I'd love it if you'd share it with me! You can do that by adding a comment a little further down the page.

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