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The Stores in Venice Preserving Venice's Traditions

In Venice, the touristy parts of the city are filled with tacky souvenir stores. If you know where to go though you'll discover stores in Venice that are truly wonderful.

We'll lead you to them. 

You'll find that Venice offers a really comprehensive shopping experience. There is everything from the famous designer names, those known and admired across the world, to outdoor markets, to the weird yet wonderful.

Did you know that some of the top Italian fashion brands, the best of Made in Italy,  actually come from this part of Italy?   Well, yes they do and you will find them all in Venice, names like Bottega Veneta, Diesel, Intimissimi etc.

Of course all the other famous Italian designer brands are in Venice too: Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, Versace, Zegna. Basically, the A-Z of Italian fashion.

It isn't the designer brands that I love though. 

There is something much better!

Quality little stores making wonderful products by hand in the traditional way passed down through countless generations.

You'll find such stores making masks, bags, shoes, glass, lace etc. All they make is done in-store, by hand and many of the people making the products today are the fourth or fifth generation to continue the tradition.

Today though it is far harder than ever for them. They are mostly forced into forgotten corners of Venice where the rents are lower.

The main thoroughfares have been taken over by stores selling cheap copies of authentic Venetian products, often they are not even made in Italy, many of them are actually made in China.

I know that you are not like most tourists. 

I know you'll appreciate the quality, the time spent making the product you purchase. I know too that you are happy to spend a little more in order to support a beautiful tradition.

To keep the real Venice alive more and more people have to begin saying no to the fake goods and tacky souvenirs.

If you are the sort of person I think you are, and would like to do your part to help save Venice, then watch the video and come on over and visit our guide to discovering the authentic shopping experiences of Venice.

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