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I NEVER Want the OLD Venice Back

Venice is one of the world's greatest attractions but Covid-19 has changed the city.

And I NEVER want it to return to the way it was before.

During the coronavirus lockdown tourists stayed away from Italy, the city of Venice went silent,  it was unbelievable to see. We actually shared a video about it. Every time I watch that video I cry - Venice without the tourists was so very beautiful.

Now, with  restaurants, museums  and hotels in Venice looking forward to welcoming guests once again, the question is will Venice return to the way it was?

The video will show you exactly how the city was before and why I dread it returning to old ways. It explains why we need a new normal, a better Venice, a better world.

We do not need the Venice tourism of yesteryear.

Yes, tourist have to come back; however, it simply cannot be business as usual. Tourism cannot destroy the very city the tourists come to see.

I wonder too about the future of the massive cruise ships in Venice? Personally, I hope they don't return. They brought too many issues with them; however it doesn't look promising: the Governor of Veneto has gone ahead and allowed huge ships to  begin cruising up the Giudecca Canal (the very heart of Venice) in Venice again.

These ships are bigger than before the pandemic. These are the size ship UNESCO has warned about. They asked Venice to stop them many years back - they haven't. Experts say they are destroying the lagoon, undermining the very foundations of Venice.

Does short term profit for a few make destroying one of the most incredible cities on earth worthwhile. Does it make destroying the priceless treasures of Venice okay?

What Can You Do?

Simply refuse to sail on any cruise that is heading down the Giudecca Canal. When cruise lines are hit in their pocket they may decide to avoid Giudecca. It seems that to some people all that matters is money.

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Cruise ship in Venice, Italy. This must be STOPPED.
Cruise ship in Venice

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