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Disaster!! Venice Submerged. Who is to blame?

Watch the video to discover for yourself  the reasons why the flooding in Venice keeps getting worse. 

Is somebody to blame?

In the video we unmask the likely culprits and the explain why greed has led to some of humankind's greatest treasures being destroyed by floods

However, what will the future hold? Could the answer be the MOSE flood barrier project that Venice is working on? Could the MOSE possibly stop the flooding forever?

We look at that too in the video.

Perhaps it is too late to save Venice? Perhaps, whatever we do there is no way to stop Venice sinking below the waters of the Adriatic. 

What do you think?

Latest News!

Since I published the video there has been some progress. The huge cruise ships have faced more restrictions and the MOSE flood barrier has started to operate. 

However, the risks remain.

The MOSE flood barrier can only operate for short periods as tidal flow is needed to keep the lagoon healthy. Therefore, if there should be a long term rise in water levels, which many experts are predicting, then the MOSE will not be the solution.

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Venice Flooding