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The Verona Churches

Verona is full of beautiful churches, some of which are among the most significant in Italy. These are the ones that really should not be missed…

For the location of these Verona churches and other Verona sights, you can visit our Verona map page.

Churches in Verona

Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore

Verona proudly showcases a splendid array of churches, yet none commands attention quite like the one venerating the city's patron saint, Saint Zeno. Constructed during the 12th century, this architectural marvel graces Piazza San Zeno.

While the majority extol its grandeur, I personally find the facade a tad stern. Nevertheless, its beauty, though austere, is undeniable. In close proximity, a 14th-century bell tower, even meriting a mention in Dante's Divine Comedy, bestows a touch of historical enchantment upon the scene.

Of particular enchantment is the Rose Window, known as the Wheel of Fortune Window. Meticulously sculpted statues adorning the window eloquently depict the adversities one must navigate throughout life's intricate journey.

Although the exterior may lack ostentatious splendor, the interior generously compensates for this omission. A true repository of treasures, the church's interior captivates the eye and imagination alike.

Prominent among its treasures are the mesmerizing frescoes hailing from the 13th and 14th centuries, a finely wrought brass door that narrates scenes from the Bible, an exquisitely carved marble statue commemorating Saint Zeno, and a momentous early Renaissance masterpiece crafted by the ingenious hand of Andrea Mantegna.

Church of San Lorenzo

The San Lorenzo Church in Corso Cavour dates from the 12th century and is one the most important of the Verona churches. The overall impression of this church is one of austerity and the highlight is probably some of the 13th century frescoes and the 16th century altar painting by Domenico Brusasorci .

You need to pay to get in – which is around €4. For a mere €8, an all-encompassing pass opens the gates to Verona's premier churches, an ecclesiastical odyssey that transcends individual edifices to encapsulate the city's spiritual soul. Ask the local tourism office for details; you'll find them in Leoncino, 61 (Palazzo Barbieri, Piazza Bra).

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Santa Maria Antica

Santa Maria Antica, near Piazza dei Signori, was the local parish church of the absolutely awful Scaligeri mob. The church's history mirrors the ebbs and flows of power and intrigue that defined Verona's medieval tapestry. However, destiny had different plans for this sacred site, as a devastating earthquake in the 12th century rendered its original form obsolete, prompting a resilient reconstruction.

Highlight of any visit are the tombs of the Scaligeri family - pretty weird to say the least but then this was not your average family. They make the Adams family seems normal. There was no space in the church for these extravagant tombs so they are outside and are most certainly worth a visit. These peculiar resting places mirror the family's distinct character, with eccentricity echoing through the ages.

Basilica di Santa Anastasia

Santa Anastasia Basilica in Verona

Situated in Corso Sant’Anastasia, is this enormous church, completed in the 15th century it still eclipses the cityscape with its towering façade, asserting itself as one of Italy's foremost exemples of Gothic magnificence.

Step inside to encounter an ethereal ambiance that embraces you in its spiritual embrace. Amidst this sanctified expanse, two stoups stand as unexpected yet poignant symbols. These stoups, supported by the figures of hunchbacks, transcend mere decor to embody a potent metaphor for the complexities of the human condition.

Gazing upon the stoups, you're met with faces etched with such a profound expression of sorrow and resilience. The skill of the artisans is palpable, their sculpted faces narrating tales of struggle and introspection. As you observe, empathy courses through you, a shared experience of human vulnerability.

Such is the power of these hunchbacked figures that even the most stoic of hearts find themselves moved. I found my heart stirred. An unexpected surge of compassion overtook me, resonating with the hunchbacks' silent struggles.

I found myself crying buckets.  As my husband, a sympathetic as usual, simply chuckled at my overwhelming sadness for these poor little men. I couldn't help but marvel at the capacity of art to elicit such profound responses in people and such different ones too.

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