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Positano, Jewel of the Amalfi Coast

Is Positano Worth Visiting?

Positano in Summer

People often ask me about visiting Positano for their next vacation? They ask me if it is worth the expense?

Well, yes it most certainly is.

Here are the reasons why Positano is an absolutely fantastic idea...

Firstly, let's assume you are arriving by boat. If you aren't then you are making a mistake. The reason is simply that nothing can beat arriving in Positano by boat... with the one possible exception of arriving in Amalfi by boat.  

You don't have to be some rich celebrity or financier either. The view is the same whether you arrive on a mega-yacht or on the ferry sailing out of Sorrento or Salerno. The ferry is great value; the view from its deck is priceless and yet the ticket from pretty much anywhere on the Amalfi Coast is under 50 Euros. 

Prepare to walk once you get off the boat and lots of it is uphill too. Still, the walk is beautiful, no matter which path you follow. I love the little ceramic stores along the way and the views of the sea far below, glimpsed between the colorful cottages and lemon trees. These views alone make a visit to Positano worth every cent.

Don't rush it, work your way slowly up the winding little lanes of Positano town. Stop at one of the many sidewalk cafes for an aperitivo (Aperol Spritz is my favorite) and browse the fascinating stores. Our favorite stores are mentioned in this article.

See that picture below?

That is one of my favorite routes up from the Positano beach.

The beach is near where the ferries dock so you could just get off the boat and relax on the beach all day... that 's a waste though as you miss so much that is wonderful.  You'll find more about what else there is to see in Positano here. 

The walk from the beach in Positano

Is there anything that isn't wonderful about Positano?

Firstly, it can get way too crowded for my liking in July and August. It's  also not my choice of towns to stay on the Amalfi Coast. Yes, the hotels in Positano are amazing and there is one particularly dreamy hotel called the Villa TreVille, which you can read about in our guide to the hotels of the Amalfi Coast.

So why not stay in Positano you ask, seeing that the hotels in Positano are so wonderful?

Well, yes, they are wonderful but they are also very expensive. Perhaps, for a special occasion like a honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast or an anniversary it might be worthwhile otherwise I would suggest staying at one of the more affordable towns, which are in many ways more quaint, genuine and less touristy. 

Which town would I recommend?

There are a number of lovely ones; one of the absolute best is Minori.  If you do stay in Minori make sure you take the walk from Minori to Ravello - it is truly something special.

Here's everything you need to know to make your vacation in Positano extra special.

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