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I Love Dorsoduro

by Holly Pasiuk
(Madison, CT)

My Kitchen in Dorsoduro!

My Kitchen in Dorsoduro!

Three years ago I rented a home in Dorsoduro for two weeks and it just wasn't long enough. I have missed it since I left.

So this year in September I am returning to my Venice home for three weeks to continue my Venice adventure. It is located just off of the Piazza Santa Margherita and has so much Venetian character including a large private garden....where I eat many of my Italian creations. Yes, I'm an avid cook!

I do eat out often, but my favorite thing to do in Italy is to head off with my Carrera to the local grocer, the butcher & the baker to gather my ingredients. Then, after storing my goods, I spend time at one of the local piazzas...have some lunch, an Aperol Spritz, people watch & people mingle.

Then in the evening I cook up a al fresco in the garden and then do my own Piagetta with, of course, a stop at a cafe. Often this is my perfect day.

Another near perfect day is an afternoon in Zattere. A cafe on the Giaducci canal, a good book, a Spritz is heaven. Then head to a small Piazelle for some lunch and catching up with friends.

Of course, I am fond of just roaming with no destination. Often these days qualify for the title "best day ever"!

I've been traveling in Italy for some time and I try to rent a home for an extended period to immerse myself in a community and absorb the Italian culture and try to feel like a member! This past October I rented an apartment in Maiori on the Amalfi Coast for a month!

Since I travel solo, I found this adventure challenging! Having been a solo traveler for a number years I have used my time when settled into a new Italian local to write my travel blog from the perspective of a solo traveler. Although challenging at times, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

Maria's reply: Thank you for sharing your lovely story - you made memories come flooding back for me too. The Dorsoduro area is a great choice, it is one of those areas where you can still find the real Venice. Other areas like Castello and Cannaregio are good options too

I also like your idea of renting your own apartment and living like a Venetian while you are in Venice.

I wrote an article about doing exactly the same thing, and listed some of the apartments I like to rent when I am in Venice a little while ago. Some of them have gardens too and it is indeed such a pleasure to wander home from a day out in the hustle and bustle of Venice to find a green oasis awaiting you.

To me, one of the greatest pleasures is settling in when I arrive on my first day in Venice, I open the shutters wide, lean out of the window and absorb the thrill of being in Venice.

After I've done that and unpacked I'll head down to the market and do some shopping - coming back laden down with all sorts of local treats to turn into a meal to remember for my family. For those not sure about shopping in Venice click for my article on the markets and traditional craft shops.

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Love reading about Italian adventures!

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