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Italy is Best Because its Culture, Art, and Food Surpasses all Others

by Maria L. DiMeo
(Yonkers, NY USA)

Beautiful Italy

Beautiful Italy

My parents came to New York in 1949 from Colledimacine, PR of Chieti, in Abruzzo. The five of us were born in the United States. My parents always talked about the country, the war, the hardships they went through when Hitler attacked Italy looking for Mussolini. Also, most of my father's family remained in Italy and we knew them without ever meeting them.

When I first went to Italy in the 1970's, it was as if I was born there. The customs, the family, I was familiar with it all. I was fascinated with the country, the culture.

I always considered myself Italian, until the trip that my cousin told me I'm an American. I was not only upset, but confused because even though we lived in America, our customs were Italian.

Also, I spoke only Italian until I entered school. My older brother was one year ahead of me, and taught me some English.

In high school I developed a passion for the works of Michelangelo. Thus, I grew to love Firenze, where most of his art and sculptures are located; and Rome, home of the Sistine Chapel.

And, then, the cooking of Italy, of the different regions. There is no culture in this world, I believe, that can surpass the diversity of Italian cooking.

I believe that there is no other country in this world that can compare to Italy in all of these categories.

A native Italian would be impressed with the depth of my knowledge of your country and customs. Talk to me sometime; you'd be amazed.

Maria's reply: Thank you so much for sharing such a personal and lovely story with us Maria. In a way your cousin is wrong to say you are American and not Italian. In my opinion you are both; made from an Italian vine but matured in America.

I am sure you must have many wonderful tales to tell and you are always welcome to share them here, at least until we can catch up for a cappuccino someday in Italy. I hope you like the picture too I've added to your page which hopefully brings back some memories and reminds you of just how beautiful Italy is.

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Essere o non essere Italiano/a- To be or not to be Italian
by: AnonymousGiosafatto Antonio Barone

Egregia Signora DiMeo,
anche io sono nato a Colledimacine nel 1948. Anche io sono cresciuto con le storie della guerra in Italia. Sono cresciuto con le immagini di Colledimacine ridotto a mucchi di macerie.

Da bambino giocavo con una pistola tedesca arrugginita trovata fra le macerie. Mi trasferii in America a 15 anni dopo avere studiato a Chieti all'Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale Luigi Di Savoia, lo stesso dove ha studiato L'Onorevole Zappacosta, CEO di Logitech.

In America sono diventato docente di Lettere e
Filosofia a varie Universita' fra cui Marist College a Poughkeepsie,New York. La mia specializzazione era Letteratura Francese e Italiana.

Mi considero un "Dantista" perche' ho passato anni a studiare "La Divina Commedia". Allora Le dico senza dubbio che Lei e' assolutamente Italiana.


Perche' essere Italiano/a e' uno stato di mente e di animo come per esempio sentirsi Ebreo o Cheyenne o Sioux. Non ha niente a che fare dove siamo nati. E'il nostro senso di Identita'. Mi sono spiegato?

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Italy's best small town?

by mike strickland
(Busy, KY usa)



Amalfi.... the people.. the water.. the beautiful houses and streets,,,,,

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The reason italy is the best is...

by Jean Pattee-Saunders
(Nettuno, Lazio, italy)

My wonderful italian friends!

My wonderful italian friends!

Is EVERYTHING - perfecto! But most important - the Italians! β€οΈπŸ‘πŸŽΆπŸ·πŸ•β˜•οΈπŸπŸ¦πŸ˜˜πŸ’—

Maria's reply Love the photos - thank you very much and I do agree with you...the Italians make Italy wonderful!!! They are the cherry on top.

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