Amazing Italy

by Cindi
(Montclair, VA, USA)



Italy is like NO other place on earth!!! Everything about it makes it more special than any other place.

The history, the people, the beauty, the food, the wine. When I am in Italy, I never want to leave. I want to see every town, village and city. There is absolutely no reason not to be madly in love with Italia.

Italy owns my heart and soul. I want more than anything in the world to one day live there and make it my home. To be able to wake each day to the sun rising over an olive grove or lemon trees in Sorrento or the Amalfi coast.

To drink the world's best wine or watch the sun go down while sipping Limoncello. To eat pizza in Naples, the way pizza is meant to be eaten. My heart will not be fulfilled until this dream is realized.

Maria's reply: Oh you describe it so beautifully! I can almost feel the warmth of that early morning Amalfi sunshine and smell the lemony freshness in the air.

When Italy has captured your soul so deeply there is no other choice than to come on over for a few years and live the "dolce vita". Your heart demands nothing less! Your soul will find no peace until you do.

My husband too, although not Italian, has been captured, in fact enraptured, by the magic of Italy. Every time we are away from Italy he longs to return and nothing can still his restless heart.

In fact it was his sad lament about missing Italy, on a day when we were thousands of miles away, that inspired me to write the article Reminders of Italy. Perhaps a few things in that article might be familiar to you too.

To help bring back some memories of summer days on the Amalfi Coact I've attached a photo taken from the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi. In fact, on this cold grey autumn morning, I can think of nothing better than sitting on that terrace on a warm summer's morning. I have a feeling you might just agree with me!

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