Why Italy Is The Best

by kylie garlick
(Port Hope, Ontario, Canada)

Love Italy

Love Italy

I honestly am speachless.. Italy is almost like a fairytale. I've never been to any place so beautiful in my entire life.

I am so happy I went there for my honeymoon. the wine is amazing, never tried anything like it. And don't get me staarted with the FOOOD !!!! I never realized that I loved food so much until I went to Italy. This has completely changed my life forever and I cannot wait to return as soon as I possibly can!

Maria's reply: What a beautiful description, thank you so much for sharing.

Italy does bring out that passion for life and makes you realise how wonderful life can be.

I often think it is like pushing a reset button, suddenly you realise just how living should be done.

Italy, though a modern country in many ways, is for many a return to slow living and the values of long ago!! Always a good thing in my humble opinion. And the food too can be life changing :-)

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by: Anonymous

I wonder if some of the people that are raving about how beautiful Italy is, have really been to Italy. As a foreigner,living in Italy, i have to disagree. Every country is beautiful, but it depends on how the people that stay in that country take care of it. I feel sorry for this beautiful land, Italy, where the people are dirty, messy and live in the dark ages, without any effort to try to change. You will be shocked at the state of Italy-biuldings fallings apart, so old that it has lost its fascination. The catholic church seems to be the only few biuldings that look well kept and mordern(what with all the tax they exploit from all italians).Streets are full of dirt(a dirty refuse system that keeps the whole country like filth), graffitti on every wall, dumping of waste and dirt at every corner, stray animals, sick starving cats and dogs left to die without any compassion,plastic flowers and empty dried pot plants-believe me, the italian fairy tale you think, doesnt exist. Italy is a beautiful country that has been made ugly by ignorance and religious domination.

Maria's reply Where in Italy do you live? Most of the things you mention(except the graffitti) are not at all like that in the Veneto. I agree Naples and a few southern cities are much as you describe but most of the rest of Italy is definitely not.

Does anyone else see Italy in the same lights as this person?

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