Torta Piedmontese or Torta di Mercenasco

by Paul R. Mosso
(Natrona Hts., Pa.)

Torta di Mercenasco is my very favorite dessert recipe. It is also loved by all my family. I did not have the recipe. However, I called my first cousin in Mercenasco, Italy(north of Torino) and this is what she gave me as the recipe:


1) In a large bowl, mix 1 quart milk, 12 eggs, one tablespoon of sugar for each egg and 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of almond extract.

2)Mix with a whisk then set aside. Then put about an inch of sugar in a bundt pan and carmelize it (medium dark brown). Add peach halves, about 5 to 6. Add the mixture in the bowl into the bundt pan.

3) Set the bundt pan into a large pan of boiling water (i.e.a double boiler). The idea is to cook the mixture with steam. Cook for approximately 45 minutes--until fork penetrates cleanly.

4) Remove the bundt pan and turn upside down into a large bowl. Let cool then refrigerate.

Can serve with whipped cream.

Note: This is absolutely the best dessert I have ever eaten. I will try it myself now that I've obtained the recipe.

P.S. Mercenasco is a small village about 30 miles north of Torino. I have many cousins living there today.

Maria's reply: Thank you so much for sending the recipe and I can't wait to make it. Venice and Veneto have some lovely desserts but nowhere can match the desserts and indeed cuisine of Piedmont.

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Torta Piedmontese

by Paul
(Natrona Hts., Pa 15065)

One of our families most famous desserts. I do not have the recipe but I remember it is made with peaches, eggs, milk, sugar, etc. It is made in an aluminum Bundt pan (The sugar is carmellized.) I always loved this dessert. I also liked Polenta Dolce, Zambione , and Nocciolinidi Mercenasco (north of Turin).

Unfortunately these recipes were lost since my mother passed away many years ago. Both my parents come from Mercenasco,Italy which is about 30 miles north of Turin.

I have developed a great breadstick recipe using the Biga method to make Ciabatta bread. They are tasty and crunchy. I make these often. Also bake many biscotti recipes. See if you can find the recipe for Torta Piedmontese in your travels in Piedmont.

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cucina piemontese
by: David Meisner

Paul from Natrona Heights, PA...thanks. Do you know any of the Roppolo's, Nigro's or Vallosio's from Leechburg?...all from Perosa Canavese & Vialfre originally.

My favorite: polenta dosso!

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