The most Magnificent Country in the World


Beautiful Italy

Beautiful Italy

Italy is the most magnificent country in the entire world. In all my travels, there is only one country I would visit over and over again... and that is Italy, the land of my ancestors.

The people are so very friendly and helpful. The food is unsurpassed, the restaurants always welcoming and the staff makes you feel so welcome.

Italy's architecture will amaze you as you wonder how it was conceived in the mind of some visionary so many centuries ago and then actually built to last this long and still astound after all this time.

In summer time when the flowers are in bloom and the colors and the fragrances of the various flowers are a treat for the senses...and a memory your camera can't take back with you. For these are memories you will keep in your heart and mind forever.

Sit at a table with a glass of wine and be still...look at the beauty all around you. Let your body calm while your mind fills with the beauty that is Italy.

Your spirit will marvel at the churches, both inside and outside, and you will stand in amazement at the artistry, the frescoes, the architecture and the domes. Built centuries ago from the imagination of a few geniuses.

The art too, the statues seen through the marble by the artist. The excess marble removed to create a great masterpiece.

What can you say after experiencing Italy...only that you must and will return.

Maria's reply: Well said Diane! Italy has so much that is so unlike anywhere else on earth. If it only had Venice or Rome it would still put it as the world's must-see tourist destination.

Instead it has Rome and Venice and so much more. Countless magnificent cities, ancient villages and scenery to take your breath away.

If that still is not enough you have coastlines like that of Amalfi which with stunning scenery, azure seas, bubbly passionate people and tiny medieval villages have no equal anywhere.

I can only agree when you say: "you must and will return". In fact I will go one further and say that after a few visits you'll yearn to never leave.

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