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Property In Italy

by Chris Wigg
(Newquay, Cornwall, UK)

I am researching buying a family property for holidays in Southern Italy (from Naples down)

I have come across a website which aims to assist in this, where properties are vetted by the authorities and all legal work is prepared by them.

The idea is to encourage the regeneration of neglected rural and urban areas in Italy.

Do you know of this organisation? - as yet they have nothing ready, just the proposal.

Is it usually difficult to buy a property in Italy?

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

Chris Wigg

Maria's reply:

I have never heard of this company, I went and had a look at their website and the project seems interesting... if they get it off the ground. However, it seems to be more in the planning stages at the moment.

The good news though is that the buying process is far simpler than people think - you can get an idea of what is involved on our other website. Furthermore, I have helped a number of supporters over the years with advice on where to buy south of Naples - there are some wonderful and affordable options. You can find out more about our supporters section offers here.

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