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My Heart Belongs to Italy

by Juanita Christiansen
(Price, Utah)

An Angel in Rome

An Angel in Rome

I have always loved Italy, studied it, dreamed of going, living and cooking there. But never believed I would go.

Nearly seven years ago my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor that I was told may eventually take her life or leave her totally dependent on others.

Just moments before they wheeled her into the OR, I promised her we would go to Italy. One year later she was okay and we landed in Rome. Life has never been the same since, our journey took us from Rome to Florence to Venice.

I have been back on several occasions and each time I leave more of me in Rome. The crazy, beautiful, enchanted, ancient city has stolen my heart.

I also found out five years ago that I was adopted, and through investigation I found my father, a tall dark good looking Italian man. No wonder I fell in love with Italy long before I ever touched down.

And for cooking I'm a Chef, I long for the day I can live and cook in Italy, even if its only for a year.

Maria's reply: I can only imagine the pain, sense of desperation and heartbreak you must have felt when they told you about your daughter.

It surely must have been a moment of true joy when you finally landed in Rome and I am so glad your daughter was okay.

So many people do find their heart captured by Italy and you'll find it is like the best drug on earth. The more you get of it the more you will want. It's about the healthiest addiction I know of!

Of course your discovering that you have Italian blood running, with great passion, through your veins does help. Even if you have no Italian roots - like my husband - Italy still has a way of enchanting in the most lovely and magical way possible.

With your being a chef I really recommend you visit Piedmont/Piemonte next time you are in Italy. I lived in Piedmont for nearly ten years and the food is out of this world wonderful. The best I've tasted in Italy and of course the world. No wonder then that this is the region where the whole Slow Food movement started and where the University of Gastronomy is located.

Thank you so much for being a part of our community here and on Facebook.

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Italy is the perfect Country

by Maria Maresca Poff
(Louisville, KY USA)

Life in Piazza

Life in Piazza

First it is my Country! The people are welcoming, warm, helpful, friendly. The culture is ancient and offers a sense of belonging; it is a land that existed for centuries, of life that is perpetual.

Every city, every town offers a different landscape, monuments, fountains and sculptures to admire and which draw you in making you forget your personal stress.

The sea that surrounds this land is a magnet in Summer and a loud call in Winter. You can immerse yourself in its beauty and wish you could belong there. When you leave you will always feel a longing for the enchanting land.

Maria's reply: I enjoyed reading through your reasons explaining why Italy is so wonderful. You captured a lot of the things that make it so wonderful for me too. I've attached a couple of photos of street life in Verona that captures a little of life in Italy...hope you enjoy it.

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