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L'Italia è un paese molto speciale (Italy is Special)

by Cheryl
(Brisbane, Australia)

Beautiful Italy

Beautiful Italy

There is something very special about Italy. It's a 'feeling' that's almost overwhelming in its emotion.

That feeling grabbed at my heart the very day I landed in Italy only four years ago and has never left me.

Every day I plan my return to this very special country. The history, the culture, the food, the wine, the people, the glorious, heartbreakingly beautiful countryside - it is almost an obsession and a drug that never leaves me.

I'll be coming back in a year or so and I cannot wait - in fact the waiting is painful. Perhaps I was Italian in a previous life, I certainly feel like I was.

In the meantime, until I return, I am learning the language, watching the movies, reading and learning all I can about this incredibly wonderful country.

I've no doubt I will live in Italy one day.

Maria's reply: You've given a whole lot of good reasons as to why Italy is so wonderful. I must say that I agree with every single one of them :-)

I've got a couple of suggestions to make in the meantime.

First off is to please try and book through my site next time you visit.

You can do that on

Then if you ever need any help or advice with regards to anything Italian you're welcome to subscribe to my A Secret Italy.

Learning Italian is a great idea and I have a few suggestions in my Learning Italian Section.

Spending a week or so learning Italian in Italy is a great way to experience the culture and learn the language at the same time, especially if you stay with the teacher and experience real-life in Italy at the same time.

Have a look at the Homestay and Personalized Italian section of the guide for details.

Living in Italy is a great dream to have and if you believe and want it enough I am sure it will come true.

So many people, from all sorts of diverse countries and backgrounds, have shared there experience with us on how they changed their lives and realized their dreams.

In fact I recently shared a story about a single mom from Canada who has made the dream of living in Italy come true. You can read all about her inspiring tale of her move to Italy here.

By the way, I hope you like the photo I've attached and it brings back a few memories of Italy for you. I took it last summer in Sirmione, If you haven't visited Sirmione then it's a must-see town. It is on the shores of Lake Garda and although a tiny little place it has lots to see and the setting is beautiful.

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Thank you
by: Maria

I really am so pleased that you'll book through my site the next time you visit Italy Cheryl....thank you so much and if you need any advice in planning your trip just let me know.

Grazie mille Maria!
by: Cheryl Stevenson

Ciao Maria - thank you very much for your comments. I will certainly be booking through your site when the time comes for my next visit to glorious Italy. I love your blog and it has been a huge help in my italian studies. I love the photo too! We visited Lake Garda when we stayed in Verona Unfortunately it was only a day trip around the lake - next time we will stay for a few days!

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