Desenzano, the perfect Lake Garda base

by A Cook

Lake Garda is one of the most beautiful areas of Europe if not the world.

Thousands of people flock to the soft lapping shores of this great lake, with its clear waters and beautiful surrounding landscape.

Lake Garda itself is dotted with small towns and hamlets which fit perfectly into the authentic Italian scenery - a world away from the modern sprawling Dubai Hotels, the piercing towers of Tokyo or the iconic New York skyscrapers.

There is something for everyone here from bustling market towns, to quiet little communes.
Desenzano del Garda is a vibrant town on the southern shore of Lake Garda and is a popular destination for good reason.

Tuesday’s market takes over the town and after you have waded your way through the inevitable beach towels and football shirts there is an outstanding food quarter which will give you a real flavour of Italy.

Various meats, cheeses and of course the bounty of the lake itself are available at affordable prices.

There are plenty of restaurants in Desenzano, especially around the harbour where fresh fish straight from the lake combined with authentic Italian pasta is the must have on the menu.

The town is a great spot to base yourself if you are staying in the area, with plenty of hotels and its port near the Piazza Giacomo Matteotti has regular ferries that will take you all the way to Riva del Garda at the north tip of the lake. Sites like mean you can have your bed secured by the time you arrive, meaning you can concentrate on planning your activities!

When the sun goes down beyond the tall mountains that surround Lake Garda, Desenzano is a great place to enjoy the nightlife.

With plenty of bars and restaurants along the shore you can enjoy a few glasses of Italian red wine or the northern and Bavarian beers, whilst looking out at the view across the lake to see other towns lit up against the dark backdrop.

Desenzano is the perfect spot to base yourself as you explore the region, and with vibrant cities like Verona and Brescia just a short journey away, this part of the world is a real must see.

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