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A Romantic Hotel in Rome

by Hein

Looking for a romantic hotel in Rome? Try the superb San Anselmo.

We were here on our second honeymoon and found a real little haven and an island of calm. Calm like the eye of a storm though with all the hustle and bustle and excitement of central Rome a very short cab, bus or metro ride away.

If any of your visitors need romance or are off on a honeymoon, then they must consider this hotel or perhaps the Suite Sistina you recommend which looks a great place.

And make sure you visit Rome; it was our first time in Italy, and we were left absolutely stunned - what a great country this is, and Rome is just the most amazing place you will ever see. I expected maybe something like a museum or a Disneyland type of place, but this city may have plenty of history, old buildings and that but it is no museum or Disney Theme Park. This is a living, thriving and dynamic city.

Maria's reply:

Thank you, Tim, for your hotel tip and for sharing your thoughts on Rome. It sounds as if you had a superb second honeymoon. Now you'll have to start planning your next visit, maybe a third honeymoon? Can I suggest that for the next visit you visit Venice:-)

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Hotel Santa Maria Rome Italy

by Tim
(South Africa)

I stayed in the Hotel Santa Maria Rome Italy earlier this year. Great place! I found the Hotel Santa Maria to be an oasis of calm in Rome which is a city that can be quite frenetic for a small-town guy like me.

The courtyard garden breakfast next to the orange trees was a nice way to begin the day and a good place to enjoy a sundowner at evening time. The bike rental the hotel offers was a good point to although lots of places and many restaurants are an easy walk away.

I would like to know what you think of the Hotel Santa Maria and if, when in Rome, you have ever stayed here?

One last thing, elsewhere on your site you write about the best city in Italy and having visited Rome, Florence and Venice I reckon that Venice is the best, it is just such an unusual place, like nowhere I have ever been.

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Great Accommodation Rome Italy & the Map of Ancient Rome

by Dean

I had the pleasure of visiting Rome earlier this year for the first. Phew, what a fascinating city it is. It seems that around every corner there lurks something of amazing historical interest. Coming from a country with little history Rome is incredible.

We were particularly interested to see a map of ancient Rome at the Rome Colosseum and we compared it to Rome today and though the city is now much bigger so much is still around. Ancient Rome to Modern Rome - incredible how the past is still present, and it all seems interwoven.

Before I go on waffling, I wanted to tell you about a lovely hotel we stayed at in Rome called La Maison Dell'Orologio The hotel is right slap bang in the middle of the ancient part of Rome and it really was rather good and very inexpensive too. Do try it when you are next in Rome.

Maria's reply: Thank you so much for sending me your tip and next time I am in Rome I will definitely visit the hotel. I agree with you about the map of ancient Rome being fascinating to look at, incredible, isn't it?

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by Gloria



I spent my honeymoon in the Excelsior Hotel in Rome. It was wonderful. The food was fabulous, and accommodations were superb. It was my first European visit, so everything was new and exciting and different. I would love to go back there because that was 37 years ago. I have been to Italy several times but not to stay at the Excelsior Hotel.

Maria's reply: Thank you for sharing your recommendation with me Gloria. I went and checked the Excelsior Hotel and see that there is something called the Veneto Excelsior now. It looks absolutely magnificent too and the location really couldn't be better. I notice that it is now part of Westin hotels which I don't suppose it was when you stayed there so many years ago. It would be wonderful if you could go back and if you do, please share your experiences with us.

I have attached a photo of Rome as well which I hope you enjoy and maybe it will bring back a few memories for you. It was taken by a very talented photographer by the name of Jim Brandano.

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