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A View to Die For in Anacapri

by Rosemary Fedor
(Lincoln Park, NJ USA)

Hotel Caesar Augustus

Hotel Caesar Augustus

In July of 1972, as a recent college grad on a tight budget, two friends and I were beyond blessed to stay in the Hotel Caesar Augustus using our Stutelpass as it was called then.

Just tear out a $5 (yes $5!!) voucher and present to the desk! Granted, our room was about the size of a closet. But the view was priceless!! We even got dinner with that stay!! Unbelievable!

In 1979 as a newlywed, my husband and I were on one of the trolley cars going up to Anacapri, when I spotted the sign for Hotel Caesar Augustus! I yelled to the driver to please stop and let us out there.

When I approached the desk out of breath and excited to be back in this lovely hotel, I told the concierge that I was there 7 years ago and did he possibly have a room available for me and my husband. Without missing a beat, he said “Yes. I remember you”!

Of course, he was just being nice but what a response! He had a room which again included dinner but now the rate was $50. We decided to splurge and stay and if course the view! Priceless and so perfect!

Last year, October 2018, celebrating our 40th Anniversary, where do you think we wanted to stay? Of course, the now 5-star, Hotel Caesar Augustus! I contacted them, told them my past experiences there and was told the rate at that time was about $500+ a night!!!

After several attempts through emails to try and get a better rate, they finally said we could have a rate closer to $350+! Since we were staying in Italy for 17 days, we could not afford even their generous reduction in rate!!

So needless to say, we were so disappointed that we couldn’t return to the most fabulous hotel we ever stayed in Italy! And no more View! We loved our trip and all our $100-$150 per night rooms were great, but my heart yearns to return one more time to our hotel with the “To Die For” View!

Thank you for letting me tell my story!

Rosemary Fedor

Maria's reply:

The Hotel Caesar Augustus is indeed very special. Unfortunately, it is out of my budget too these days and I can only dream of returning to this beautiful hotel to spend a few nights. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful story with us Rosemary and I do hope that you do get to return to the Hotel Caesar Augustus once again in the future.

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Capri & Memories
by: Sal

My Dad was a waiter at the Cesare Augusto during WWII. When I used to go on vacation to visit relatives in Capri & Sorrento I would always past the Hotel & remember the stories he used to tell me. Capri will always be the Island of Love,it beauty & character are like no place else. I always make it a point to visit when I can.

Amazing hotel
by: Joann P. from NJ

My husband and I were lucky enough to stay here in 2010 for our 25th wedding anniversary! We stayed for 3 nights! It was worth every dollar! The view from the veranda was breathtaking! If you ever get a chance you must stay there! ❤️🇮🇹

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