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Modern Italian Aqueduct's

by Michael Malone
(Orlando, Florida, USA)

Greetings, I spent a month traveling in Italy May 15 through June 15th of 2019. My GPS led me from Milan to the Eastern coast, around Sicily, then up to Rome.

My question is.... the GPS led me to follow some aqueduct of water for miles and miles then I came upon a road which I turned right onto. May I ask if anyone knows where in the world I was at?

I do know it was a couple days south of Milan and there was a dirt road beside the aqueduct that my rental car happily followed for miles. Many thanks in advance.

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by: Maria

It could have been the Acquedotto Mediceo di Pisa. Hard to be sure though as there are a lot of aqueducts in Italy and you might pass a number of them, depending on the route taken, on the journey from Milan to Sicily.

There are also a number of aqueducts near Rome that are good candidates. One of the most famous of those near Rome, is the Parco degli Acquedotti. It consists of seven impressive aqueducts (a few are underground) that once supplied Rome with its water.

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